Velan Studios, the team behind Knockout City and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, has announced its next game–and it is completely different. Midnight Murder Club is a six-player first-person hide-and-seek game where players begin with only a revolver and flashlight as they try to survive the night.

The entire game is played in an old Victorian mission, Wormwood Manor, in pitch black darkness. “The only light you’ll ever see will come from you or your opponents,” Velan Studios said in a blog post.

With a flashlight and a revolver, players have a simple goal: survive all night.

“It’s a high-stakes game of hide, seek, and shoot in the dark. Listen carefully for footsteps echoing down the corridors, voices crying out in the shadows, and the telltale creak of a door slowly opening behind you,” Velan Studios said.

Introducing Midnight Murder Club
Introducing Midnight Murder Club


As players explore the manor and its many rooms, they’ll find things like a flame thrower to immolate enemies and an electrified bear trap to catch foes. There is also a Tommy gun that players can acquire to get the edge. Velan Studios says Midnight Murder Club also has a variety of modes, including team deathmatch and objective-based modes. More details will be announced later.

Midnight Murder Club is targeting a release this fall on PC. Fans can wishlist it on Steam now.

Velan Studios was founded by the brothers Guha and Karthik Bala, who founded Vicarious Visions before that. Velan Studios worked with Nintendo on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and then partnered with EA on the “dodgebrawl” game Knockout City. Velan later split off from EA, but Knockout City couldn’t attract or retain a big enough audience and its official servers closed in 2023.

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