Morph rests their arm on Logan's shoulder.

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The season finale of wildly popular new animated series X-Men ‘97 had Morph, the non-binary shapeshifting mutant of the titular superhero team, confess romantic feelings for Wolverine. Well, technically Morph did it after transforming into Jean Grey in an effort to get the claw-touting hero to fight through a near-deadly injury. But it’s been confirmed this was meant to be a romantic revelation for Morph by the head writer and producer.

Beau DeMayo, who was fired from X-Men ‘97 shortly before the animated series premiered on Disney+, tweeted that while Morph took on Jean’s shape to stir something in Wolverine, who is harboring feelings for the telepath, this scene was meant as a confession for Morph.

There have been theories swirling about Morph possibly having feelings for Wolverine from the moment the show first aired in March It was hinted at in scenes like the one in episode three, “Fire Made Flesh.” In this episode, Morph and the other X-Men are subject to visions of their worst fears. Morph’s hallucination starts with them seeing Wolverine in the shower, taking in the view, and making a joke about helping him with the “hard-to-reach spaces.” The dream becomes a nightmare, but the way he ogles Wolverine is a flashing neon sign that reads: “Morph is attracted to Wolverine.”

But despite this, some people won’t admit that something is gay until characters are kissing on the mouth (and sometimes that’s not even enough), so DeMayo’s confirmation at least removes any room for doubt. Based on his responses, it doesn’t sound like this pining is going to go anywhere, but Morph loves Wolverine, and that’s canon. Don’t call it a bromance, because that’s not what it is.

X-Men ‘97’s first season is over, but the show’s second season is already in production and a third has been greenlit. You can stream season one over at Disney+ now.

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