A screenshot of a trio of players in one of Helldivers 2's environments.

Image: Arrowhead Game Studios / Sony

Let me be upfront: no, you’re not the only person trying and failing to spread democracy in Helldivers 2 this week.

The hard-as-nails and ridiculously popular co-op shooter has had a hard time adjusting to fame, meaning some players have been staring at loading screens and queues more often than they’ve been able to get into the actual game. The developers have apologized for the situation though, and things have been improving. Just yesterday, the developer Arrowhead Game Studios issued a patch that brought its server capacities up to 700,000 concurrent players. Unfortunately, the team believes this number still won’t be good enough to entirely hold through what is expected to be a busy weekend.

The news came by way of Arrowhead’s CEO Johan Pilestedt, who has been sharing updates on their personal Twitter profile, and claimed that the studio would be issuing some “final improvements” today ahead of the weekend. Pilestedt also warned that the team expects Helldivers 2 numbers to surpass what they’ve prepared for, they did assure that the 700,000 player cap was “above what we have been able to support.” Overall, Pilestedt says that “wait times will be more bearable” going forward.

That last bit likely has to do with yesterday’s patch, which kicks Helldivers 2 players from the queue if they’re just idling on the startup page and taking up space on the server. And you know what, the patches have actually worked. I got home from work and my friends were able to load into the game with no issues. Even if I’ve got to wait this weekend, I’m confident I’ll be able to get into the game more easily than the last time I tried. When I do, I’m looking forward to having a jolly ol’ mess of a time flattening my friends with drop pods and watching them get vivisected by huge bugs.


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