The player punches a Limball.

Screenshot: Pocketpair / Kotaku

The tutorial will track your early progress in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The Pals you’ve caught should start counting toward that initial 30 that the game asks of you. You must also upgrade your base to level 7 (the Pal Box will tell you what steps are required for each level).

Be sure to craft a Pal Bed for each Pal you have working, as well as a campfire. Then go out and start catching the remaining amount of the 30 initial Pals. We recommend prioritizing the following Pals:

  • Cattiva: great for Mining
  • Lamball: produces Wool (the initial 5 you must capture as part of the tutorial should be good to start, but you’ll probably need more as your base grows)
  • Lifmunk: chops down trees
  • Teafant: heals you
  • Tanzee: chops down trees and gathers resources

As you increase in level and your base grows, you’ll come to rely on stronger Pals and ones with more than just basic features like mining, chopping wood, gathering, and crafting. For now, however, these Pals should suit you well and you’ll get the hang of caring for them at your base.

Palworld is a large game with many possibilities and a ton of creative freedom. What are some essential functions of your bases?

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