Universal Studios Japan guests on the Donkey Kong ride at Nintendo World

Screenshot: Universal Studios Japan

At Universal Studios Japan, Super Nintendo World’s “jumping” Donkey Kong ride puts visitors in the mine-cart action of the video game, broken tracks and all. That’s right, you’ll be experiencing a very realistic simulation of being in Kong’s cart and jumping onto a completely different rail on this coaster set to open at Universal Studios Japan.

Theme Park attraction trackers CoasterTalk revealed a look at the tech in action from a distance while it tests in Donkey Kong Country, a new section of Super Nintendo World.

Ride simulation of how the tech works
Gif: CoasterTalk

You can see more footage in the video below, along with the digital render of a simulation whipped up to give us a closer look at what promises to be a thrilling coaster, based on publicly shared, patented schematics.

Diese Achterbahn entgleist absichtlich – Die WELTNEUHEIT erklärt!

The technology is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! It’s insane to see these ride vehicles go back and forth between various roller coaster tracks just like in the Donkey Kong games—you know, the ones where you get Kong on a mine cart that he has to jump from broken rail to broken rail in order to complete the level. Here you’re the monkey trusting Universal Studios with your life in a deeply immersive simulation of the game, jumping over tracks that from your point of view will be looking and feeling like you’re definitely in danger.

Donkey Kong Coaster Jump Super Nintendo World

Screenshot: CoasterTalk/YouTube

If you’re wondering how this is all possible, theme-park attractions progress insider Orlando Park Stop reported that Universal Creative patented this tech as a “Boom Coaster,” where the ride vehicle will jump from those visible “broken” tracks—which are really a fake-out in theme with the story—while actually operating on a stealthily hidden track below. And while that’s all good and dandy for the most part, and we hope the Donkey Kong ride will be officially announced for Epic Universe too in Orlando (see Orlando Park Stop for more on that), it’s still nerve-wracking. How can things not go wrong with the theme park’s track record (flashbacks to how often Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure broke down upon opening)—so there’ll likely be bumps at the start. Despite mildly living in fear of being stuck in a midair jump, this tech steps it up yet again, with Universal Creative really going out of its way to try something new. And we’ll definitely try it out once it’s been properly tested!

The Donkey Kong Country expansion of Super Nintendo World and its Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness coaster are set to open at Universal Studios Japan this spring.

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