Thomas the Tank Engine has become a gaming mod staple, having appeared in everything from Elden Ring to Skyrim over the years. Remarkably, though, the dread train has never appeared in Alien Isolation, the now-classic horror game built around the conceit of being stalked by a Xenomorph. At least until now.

Released just in time for Halloween, a new Thomas the Tank Engine mod is now available for Alien: Isolation courtesy of MattFiler, who writes in the summary, “It had to happen sooner or later… Thomas the Tank Engine has arrived aboard Sevastopol Station!”

Thomas the Tank Engine is here to haunt your dreams.
Thomas the Tank Engine is here to haunt your dreams.

As the description implies, the mod replaces the Xenomorph with Thomas the Tank Engine, an entity at least as scary as H.R. Giger’s creation. Like the Xenomorph, the train stalks through the station’s corridors and vents, and the results are appropriately terrifying.

Alien: Isolation originally won notice thanks to its unique use of AI to craft a truly terrifying opponent who could not be defeated through conventional means. While it was criticized for its poor pacing and other issues, it eventually came to be be regarded as a horror classic.

Alas, we don’t seem any closer to a true sequel to Alien: Isolation, so this mod will have to do. In fairness, Thomas is pretty scary. Just look at those eyes.

If you’re looking more Thomas the Tank Engine content, check out the mod that replaces every ship in Starfield with the iconic train. Or you can check out the somewhat sillier Choo-Choo Charles, a horror game that was released last year.

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