There might be a PS5 ‘Slim’ on the way, according to recent reports and rumours, but for now we’re still seeing some exemplary deals on the highly sought-after base console. The latest discount comes in the form of a bundle with EA Sports FC 24, dropping to just £409.99 at select retailers in the UK. This isn’t as good as the £400 offer we saw a couple of months back, but considering it includes a brand new game and is well below the asking price of £540, you’re still bagging an incredible discount this time around.

PS5 Console + EA Sports FC 24

For clarity, PS5 disc console RRP is £479.99, while EA Sports FC 24 retails for £69.99, so if you’re still lacking a PS5 and want to play the next in line to the ‘FIFA’ series (remember it’s changed name now), then you’re in luck with this deal. Even if you’re not keen on the football, this is still £60 off the console and includes a free game that you could always sell on for even more money saved.

More PS5 Deals on Prime Day 2

With Prime Day 2 right around the corner on October 10-11, we’re highly recommending that if you’re picking up this console deal, then wait a little longer before buying anything else to go with your new PS5.

So, accessories like SSDs, DualSense controllers, headsets, and more PS5 games are highly likely get some discounts during the sale. Stick around for more deal updates, or follow @IGNUKDeals on Twitter for instant news on the latest offers going into the big deal season and Black Friday.

Robert Anderson is a deals expert and Commerce Editor for IGN. You can follow him @robertliam21 on Twitter.

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