Phantom Liberty is set in a new area of Night City, where you’ll go deep into the bowels of Dogtown to save the NUSA president in a high-risk mission. Dogtown is home to dangerous gangs, secrets, allies, and high-risk-high-reward gigs. Idris Elba plays FIA Agent Solomon Reed, who you connect with early in the story after the president’s ship is shot down. Keanu Reeves is back playing everyone’s favourite rocker boy Johnny Silverhand. Also joining you on your mission is Songbird, a skilled netrunner whose talents make her extremely valuable to the NUSA.

Phantom Liberty also introduces a brand new Relic skill tree and abilities, as well as over 100 items, including cars, weapons, and cyberware, on top of a plethora of new fashion options. The level cap has been increased to 60, and the DLC also introduces more dynamic events. The skill trees and perks have been redesigned, as has the cyberware system. You can’t install a load of cyberware at once, or you’ll hit your cyberware limit and get hit with debuffs and symptoms of cyberpsychosis. But your limit will increase as you progress through the game. Armour is no longer tied to your clothing, it’s tied to your cyberware, so you can wear what you want without taking a hit to your defense.

Vehicular combat now allows for, well, vehicular combat, so you can shoot from your car while driving. AI, UI, and UX has been improved, and changes have been made to the crafting and looting systems. And for those longing for some more beats to cruise Night City to, don’t worry, there are also new radio stations incoming.

Phantom Liberty will officially release on September 26, but there’s bad news for last-gen hardware owners, as it will only be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.

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