As we countdown the days till The Creator arrives in cinemas, Gareth Edwards took to Reddit yesterday for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session focusing on the director’s first film since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story along with a few GFFA questions too.

Here are a few of the questions asked and answered (take the link below for more): –

Q: After working on massive budget films like Godzilla and Rouge One that were fairly successful at the box office, what lead to a nearly 7+ year hiatus in directing another film?

A: A combination of things. I guess I needed a break. I also worked on developing 4 different films. The Creator was the first one that allowed me to completely control the process. Add into that the pandemic, two years of production and a little bit of laziness = 7 years.

Q: Hey Gareth, is there any interest in doing another Star Wars movie and if so would you want it to be stand alone in a way like rogue one was? Insanely excited to see a medium budget sci-fi movie not a part of an existing IP btw!

A: I had a great idea for a sequel to Rogue One, but was absolutely gutted to find out that George Lucas had already done it… nightmare.

Q: I saw the trailer for Creator trailer like, 5 months ago, and it looked really good! I do wonder tho… from the trailer, I gathered that humanity and its machines are having a bit of a, minor disagreement. Made we wonder how the robots may alter themselves to “settle the disagreement”. Will their be robot tanks that think like the others? Itty bitty or gigantic robots? Will there be robots that are just balls of mechanical tendrils? Or perhaps they choose to emulate their Creators and remain humanoid? Just wondering.

A: Don’t fear, there are giant anime style tanks in this movie. When me and James Clyne were designing them, our whole secret goal was that Bandai would release them as a model kit. We even mocked up our designs on a Bandai box to see what it would look like and we weren’t going to stop until it looked like something we desperately wanted to buy.

Q: Hi Gareth! Loved rogue one! Is it true the name for the planet scarif in rogue one came from a Starbucks because they wrote your name wrong on a cup?

A: Totally. We kept trying to get more planet and creature names from them by going in and mumbling our names, but sadly no joy.

The Creator arrives in cinemas in the UK on September 28th, and in the US a day later on September 29th.

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