Greta Gerwig has already secured a deal with Netflix to write and direct a minimum of two films based on C.S. Lewis’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia, as reported by The New Yorker. It has been widely rumored for some time that Gerwig will be directing the new Narnia movies, following Netflix’s acquisition of the Narnia movie rights back in 2018–The New Yorker’s article likely finally confirms it.

The article also highlights Gerwig’s creative approach, indicating that following Barbie, she is not inclined to embark on another project centered around toys. Gerwig expressed her preference for stories that deeply resonate with her, stating, “It would have to be something that has some strange hook in me, that feels like it goes to the marrow.”

In addition, the piece delves into Mattel’s strategic shift from a toy manufacturer to an intellectual property management company, and many of the complexities and obstacles involved in IP-based filmmaking. It also explores Mattel’s efforts to reclaim Barbie’s rights, Gerwig’s creative process, the influence of Mattel’s Design Center, and the trend of nostalgia-driven films.

Margot Robbie, who plays the titular doll, also speaks about the “dangerous thing about making something for everyone is that you ultimately make it for no one,” and the movie’s goal of honoring Barbie’s nostalgia while reimagining her for a modern audience.

The existing Narnia films, released between 2005 and 2010, have amassed a global box office revenue of nearly $1.6 billion. Barbie premieres July 21.

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