Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Fallen Leaf Studios have released a new trailer on IGN for Fort Solis, the upcoming sci-fi horror game starring Roger Clark and Troy Baker. 

This trailer starts with Baker discussing how he came to be involved with Fort Solis and why he’s excited about the game before he reveals it hits PlayStation 5 and PC on August 22. The trailer then cuts to new footage of the game, which you can check out for yourself below: 

As you can see, Baker says he joined Fort Solis because it allowed him to work alongside Clark (whom you might recognize as Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2) and because he liked the story as well. As for the new Fort Solis footage, it shows more of the spooky Martian horror featured in the game. In it, Clark’s character, Jack Leary, tries to survive “through one long and terrifying night on Mars.” Leary appears to be guided, in some way, by Baker’s Wyatt Taylor and Julia Brown’s character, Jessica Appleton. 

Fort Solis hits PlayStation 5 and PC on August 22. 

For more, check out the Fort Solis reveal trailer from last year.

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