Today’s Xbox Showcase gave us a first meaningful look at Avowed, the upcoming fantasy RPG on the way from the team at Obsidian. The game is set in the universe established by the Pillars of Eternity, a world called Eora. However, unlike those prior games, this game is likely to draw more direct comparisons to titles like the Elder Scrolls games, or the gameplay perspective of Obsidian’s other successful franchise, The Outer Worlds.

The new trailer shows an impressive series of first-person encounters in which we see the lead character wielding both medieval weaponry (and firearms!) along with a potent selection of spells to capture and destroy foes. The accompanying voiceover suggests that the story involves the lead character traveling to an area of Eora called the Living Lands – a part of the world established in the Pillars game as a diverse island to the north characterized by strange weather patterns and strange creatures. The player character arrives as an envoy of the emperor of Aedyr, to look into rumors of an unnatural plague.

Avowed is coming to Xbox and PC in 2024. Check out the full trailer below.

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