If you enjoy classic 3D platformers and games that let you creatively tinker with their worlds, you may want to put Ruffy and the Riverside on your radar. This open-world adventure gives players the power to remove textures from the environment itself to slap on other objects, opening the door for some inventive puzzle-solving.

As Ruffy, you’re the chosen one with the power of Swap. That means you can mix and match elements of the world as you see fit. Need to climb up a mountain? Rip that patch of vines off a wall and slap it over a waterfall to create an instant climbing path. Change the time of day by switching out the sun and moon. Turn a heavy stone into a floating platform by replacing it with a wood texture. Copy and paste are your best friends and seemingly allow for a number of creative solutions to Riverside’s many challenges. 

In addition to a primary story campaign, you’ll tackle sidequests given by the colorful residents. Speaking of color, the world sports a great-looking papercraft art direction. Thankfully, we shouldn’t have to wait terribly long to explore Ruffy and the Riverside since it launches later this year for Switch and PC (with other consoles to be announced later).

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