Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has no shortage of enemies on which to test your lightdsaber skills, but between Trade Federation battle-droids, Stormtroopers, and space pirates, one enemy stands above them all as the most devious. During your adventures across Jedi: Survivor’s new planets, you might spot an unassuming little scavenger droid that’ll make a quick getaway when you get too close to them.

Sure, these pose zero threat to Cal Kestis, but the jerks do contain valuable resources within their shells that you should chase down. The only problem is that scavenger droids are deceptively quick, and the second you attempt to yank them towards you with a Force Pull, they’ll burrow underground. Now you’ll never get that rare resources that can unlock a fancy new jacket that pairs well with the goatee that you just unlocked for Kestis. A true fashion crime has been committed.

These little droids aren’t just annoying, but also possess a level of evil that can give Emperor Palpatine a run for his money. After the Twitter account Daily Star Wars Games quizzed players about which enemy type they hate the most in the game, several people responded with pure disdain for scavenger droids, leading Jedi: Survivor senior writer Pete Stewart to respond about the droids. And he did not mince his words when he spoke about the automated automatons that he had a hand in creating.

“The treasure droid is a metal rat bastard. Do not trust the titanium shit. They all thieve and they all lie. They are devious weasel robots,” Stewart tweeted. “I know this because I wrote their lore. They will pick your body clean before it’s even cold. You know it can’t be good when the boglings don’t trust ’em.”

Considering that Respawn’s Jedi series contains several influences from From Software’s Dark Souls series–from inspired combat to “bonfire” checkpoints–it’s only apt that the game has created its own version of the crystal lizard, a small but annoying little creature that’s worth chasing down for the rare materials that they carry.

The moral of this story is that if you see a scavenger droid, don’t feel bad about going Order 66 on their little thieving chassis. It’s either them or you. In other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor news, new patches will be available for the game on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S this week. After a launch that highlighted several major bugs in the game–especially on PC–publisher EA and developer Respawn are continuing to work on the game and further polish it with performance-improving updates.

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