After porting the original Doom RPG onto PCs last year,, has followed up with the sequel. announced on Twitter today that it has ported Doom 2 RPG to PC. Originally released in early 2010 for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the Doom 2 RPG is set one year after the events of the first game. It focuses on group consisting of two space Marines and a scientist investigating a demon-infested research facility on the Earth’s moon.

Doom 1 & 2 RPG stands out from the rest of the series, known for fast-paced first-person shooting and a lot of gory demon-slaying antics. In contrast, the Doom RPG games still take place in the first-person perspective, but utilizes turn-based RPG mechanics.

While there is a store listing on the app store for Doom 2 RPG, it is not playable on recent versions of iOS. Even searching for the game on the App Store, you won’t find it. However, the store listing on a web browser notes that it will run on Macs that have macOS 11.0 installed and are powered with an Apple processor such as the M1 chip.

In our original review for Doom 2 RPG, which we gave an 8, IGN’s Levi Buchanan noted that Doom 2 RPG’s battles “come fast and furious but are paced well with story segments and puzzle play.

Doom 2 RPG’s PC port is available on DoomWorld, at no cost, and confirmed the port supports touchscreen behavior like the original version of the game, with support for gamepads like an Xbox wireless controller.

Taylor is the Associate Tech Editor at IGN. You can follow her on Twitter @TayNixster.

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