PixelOpus, an in-house studio for Sony, has shuttered. The developers behind Concrete Genie and Entwined announced that the “adventure has come to an end.”

On Twitter, PixelOpus–self-described as a small Sony team–revealed that it was closing up shop. “As we look to new futures, we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the millions of passionate players who have supported us, and our mission to make beautiful, imaginative games with heart,” the studio wrote.

GameSpot has reached out to Sony for an official comment.

Sony revealed the formation of PixelOpus in 2014 before E3. The studio was reportedly founded by Carnegie Mellon University and San Jose State University students who worked on game prototypes for PlayStation Vita. Entwined was the team’s first game and launched on PS4 before arriving on PS3 and Vita.

In 2017, PixelOpus revealed the PS4 game Concrete Genie, starring a kid named Ash who can bring his paintings to life. GameSpot’s Concrete Genie review found the title “an endearing experience throughout.”

There was a report in 2021 that PixelOpus was working on a PS5 game in collaboration with Sony Pictures. But nothing was ever officially unveiled, with a job listing mentioning that the title was seemingly utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

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