Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a pretty great game that, unfortunately, isn’t running as well as it could be for some players. The PC version has been especially problematic, and Respawn is addressing these issues with a performance update. 

The PC version of the game has reportedly been plagued with a variety of bugs and glitches, notably affecting frame rate. Today’s update, which is now live, is only stated as being “performance improvements for non-raytraced rendering” in the patch notes

That doesn’t seem like the most helpful update on the surface, but it’s worth noting that the multiple improvements coming to the console versions, which are listed below, have already been implemented on PC:

  • Multiple crashes fixed across PlayStation and Xbox Series X/S and various areas of the game.
  • Fixed crashes that were tied to skipping cinematics.
  • Performance improvements across PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic cloth inside the Mantis
  • Fixed various rendering issues.
  • Fixed an issue with registered Nekko colors not saving.
  • Fixed an issue with registered Nekko disappearing from the stable.
  • Fixed issues with cinematic dialogue overlapping.
  • Fixed various collision issues.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy A.I. remaining in T Pose during photo mode.
  • Fixed a freeze that occasionally occurred while talking to Doma.
  • Fixed a bug where the BD-oil VFX did not properly render.
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck inside the Chamber of Duality if you didn’t save after leaving the chamber and die.

Hopefully, today’s PC patch does some significant help, but if not, Respawn, at least has other updates in the works. If you’re playing on PC, how has your experience with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor been? Has today’s update helped at all? Let us know in the comments.

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