What you lack in lucky five-star gacha pulls, Honkai: Star Rail may make up for in trash.

Well, perhaps not quite that good, but the new HoYoverse RPG has treasures lurking even in the dump. As Star Rail officially went live less than 24 hours ago, fans have already found themselves fascinated by investigating every trash can they encounter.

Rewards range from resources like Ancient Coins to an actual trash can avatar for your profile.

Dialogue exchanges with the assortment of junk vary, too.

In the video above, the boring bin looks about as ordinary as can be minus the whole video-game-inspect-this-thing shine. After a few bizarre interactions and judgmental expressions from March 7th and Dang Heng, the Trailblazer scores an Ancient Coin.

“The two trash cans stood tightly side by side as if no force in the world could separate them,” reads the dialogue shared by Awsie6662 on Twitter.

Other snippets include all sorts of moments of infatuation with the world’s cheeky garbage lore. It’s not a particularly new RPG mechanic, but the HoYoverse take has about as much charm as digging through the literal trash… can.

Star Rail’s receptacles have even earned a spot in the hearts of fan artists, like this dumpster-diving comic from Renai1000se on Twitter. The game’s subreddit and official channels have a scene for the Star Rail Trash Can Fandom, too.

Some comments make their own declarations of love, while Reddit users like Crysaa add: “I didn’t expect the trash can lore to be so deep BUT I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT.”

Honkai: Star Rail just made its debut on PC and mobile with a PS4/PS5 version still in the works. It’s yet another free-to-play RPG from Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse, serving as a follow-up to its older action title, Honkai Impact 3rd.

IGN recently broke down the basics of the astral adventure, particularly charmed by the voice cast and setting.

Andrea Shearon is a freelance contributor for IGN covering games and entertainment. She’s worn several hats over her seven-year career in the games industry, with bylines over at Fanbyte, USA Today’s FTW, TheGamer, VG247, and RPG Site. Find her on Twitter (@Maajora) or the Materia Possessions podcast chatting about FFXIV, RPGs, and any series involving giant robots.

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