Fortnite fans know that Epic will always supply them with an ever-growing selection of unique and fun weapons to use in battle royale, but few may have expected the game’s newest addition. The Lock-On Pistol does precisely what it sounds like, providing players with the ability to shoot foes with homing bullets at close range–much like Titanfall’s Smart Pistol–somewhat reducing the effort of aiming (though not entirely). Here’s where to get a Lock-On Pistol and how it works.

Where to get a Lock-On Pistol in Fortnite and how it works

The Lock-On Pistol can be found on the ground, in chests, or from supply drops, meaning that finding one shouldn’t be a significantly difficult task. However, don’t pick one up assuming that it’s going to do all of the work for you, as you’ll still need to put a bit of work in upfront to get the Lock-On Pistol to do its thing. You’ll need to aim it at your target for a bit and wait for the angled lines of the crosshairs to fully turn pink. You can then fire the gun and watch as the bullet tracks and hits your enemy.

Body shots with the Lock-On Pistol won’t hit as hard as some other options, so it’s not necessarily an overpowered option to add to your arsenal in a match, but it can be especially useful at landing a few shots on unsuspecting enemies–if you’re sneaky enough. But regardless of whether you want to keep one of these new pistols on you at all times or not, a Season 2 Week 6 challenges asks you to dish out 200 damage with one, so it’s worth finding and using if you’re wanting to score all of the battle pass cosmetics this season.

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