What is Watcher of Realms?

Watcher of Realms is a next-gen fantasy RPG that reminds us that while we’re ever the playthings of the gods, we’re not obligated to sit still while they break us like cheap toys. In Watcher of Realms, you partner up with over 100 heroes from a myriad of races to fight against an onslaught of monsters and demons who seek to devour the world. In doing so, your army grows, fights, and eventually becomes powerful enough to push back against fate itself.

The world of Watcher of Realms is held in thrall by the Tides of Darkness, an all-encompassing corruption orchestrated by the envoy of an ancient god. Infected people are overcome with madness and aggression. And every time the Tides of Darkness overwhelm civilization, the world becomes a little more palatable for the ancient god that aims to consume it.

In Order to Win, You Must Know Your Place

You play as Commander Aurion, a resurrected soldier who was initially slain while defending the capital city of Akkadia from the Tides of Darkness’ influence. The envoy has an inexhaustible number of minions, which makes it important to use strategy on Watcher of Realms’ battlefields. Winning battles means standing your ground as much as it means answering the envoy’s aggression with your own attacks. It’s vital to balance the teams you deploy with healers, tanks, and attackers across six classes, including fighters, defenders, marksmen, mages, healers, and rangers.

Keep in mind that placing your heroes matters just as much as the powers they wield! A defender can block a path and create a choke point for the flow of enemy forces, but they won’t last long without a healer nearby to tend to their wounds. And while long-range attackers can be placed on higher ground to escape some of the marauders while they pelt foes with status-inflicting projectiles, they’re still in danger from airborne enemies. Careful, strategic positioning is necessary on every battlefield, whether that battlefield is in the depths of a dungeon, on the burning sands of a desert, or high atop a mountain peak.

Better Battles Through Bonds

Beginners will easily learn the ropes while playing through Watcher of Realms’ campaign and high-level players will find their ultimate challenge in the raids. Socialites can team up with a guild to take down epic dragons and climb to the top of the guild rankings! And of course, everyone can explore dungeons and fight fierce monsters for legendary gear, artifacts, and necessary materials for upgrading your heroes.

To grow your team, new fighters can always be pulled from Watcher of Realms’ gacha but it’s also worth building up bonds with your established warriors. Your base builds up as more warriors join you, and with over a hundred unique heroes across more than 30 races, your outpost will develop its own unique atmosphere in no time. Five-star heroes like the dragon-riding once-knight Ajax, the burnt witch Morrigan, and the stoic sword-wielding King Harz may take your side as you fight enormous bosses and defend yourself against tireless waves of enemies. Each hero’s unique traits and skills are reflected in Watcher of Realms’ next-gen game models and rich environments. You won’t have any trouble making teams that appeal to your visual and strategic tastes.

And you’ll need to use those strong bonds with your heroes to survive Watcher of Realms’ PvP. No matter how good you think your team is, defending yourself against the schemes of another person will inevitably teach you where all your weak spots are.

Factions, one of Watcher of Realms‘ unique features, emerge as the world’s politics change. Nations try to adapt according to the crises and chaos carried by the Tides of Darkness. There’s no immediate way to discern who’ll be on your side, and who won’t. You simply have to keep your wits about you as you step into the fray.

Lastly, Watcher of Realms’ rich graphics and compelling character designs make it that much easier to fall into its desolate world and pour everything you have into the fight for its freedom against the will of a mad god. Newcomers to tower defense games will easily find their footing while genre veterans will be challenged daily through its raids.

You can pre-register Watcher of Realms now on Google Play and App Store. Follow their social channels on Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Reddit to track progress of the game!

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