Peacock subscribers who watched on Sunday, July 18 experienced severe streaming problems, including freezing, skipping, and sound that cut in and out, during one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. The issues began during the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match–lasting for the duration of the wrestlers entrances. All told, the disruption lasted about 10 minutes.

The stream crashed and went offline before returning to normal. WWE announced that the problem was fixed as of 10:07 PM, and recommended that subscribers exit and re-enter the stream. Even upon doing this, some users still had buffering issues.

Peacock is currently trending on social media. Users are reacting to the technical issues, with some demanding refunds, some they’re canceling their subscriptions, and many pushing for WWE to abandon the streaming service entirely.

NBC acquired the exclusive US streaming rights for WWE content in January 2021. The WWE Network discontinued its United States service on April 4. The Network is still active for subscribers outside of the US.

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