Releasing later this month, the next Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC–A World Betrayed–will focus on adding new factions, story events, missions, and units.

The story kicks off following the assassination of Dong Zhou by Lu Bu, his own subordinate. Meanwhile Sun Ce is beginning his conquest of Jiangdong and Liu Bei has succeeded Tao Qian. Those who have played Total War: Three Kingdoms will understand just how much these changes can affect the story line, with the DLC intending to create all new friction between different characters and factions.

Sun Ce’s faction will begin as a vassal like in the base game, but can be turned rebel during the story. Sun gains bonuses from ticking off his personal ambitions, which understandably includes avenging his late father. Both have new story events and unit types unique to their faction.

Lu Bu’s faction will be added as a playable in the DLC, replacing Cao Cao’s army. Lu Bu gains power from defeating enemies himself, earning big bonuses from taking down legendary warriors of the era.

Total War: Three Kingdoms A World Betrayed releases on PC March 19. A patch will also be released alongside the DLC, with various fixes and quality of life updates being implemented across the game. More information on this patch has yet to be announced.

In our Total War: Three Kingdoms review, Ginny Woo awarded the game an 8/10, describing it as a breath of fresh air. By hearkening back to the intricacies of older titles and builds on some of the foundations laid by Thrones of Britannia, it offers a distinctly contemporary and thorough experience. Three Kingdoms feels like the rightful evolution of the series, pulling from its roots in historical military tactics to come up with an engrossing modern strategy game that is always a delight, even in its less well-oiled moments

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