Rainbow Six Siege’s explosions are about to get a whole lot better, or worse, depending on if you get caught in the blast radius. Walls and barriers will still be your friend, but they might not be enough to say save you from the deadliest grenades.

Beginning with Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1, a new shrapnel system is factored into explosions. Destructible objects will not limit the range of an explosions’ damage, and shrapnel hole swill be visible in cover to make it clear where the initial blast came from. This should not only make grenades more effective, but reduce confusion among players.

The changes were made in order to make damage more realistic, particularly when comparing outdoor areas and buildings. Using the old system, a C4 charge was more lethal outdoors than inside, not taking into account the shards of wood and metal that would likely be sent flying.

A tweak to an explosion system would be a relatively small change in most games, but it has the potential to shift up strategies considerably in Rainbow Six Siege. Keeping the game fresh is certainly important for Ubisoft, which has supported it for more than four years and shows no signs of slowing down. A cooperative spin-off called Rainbow Six Quarantine will release later this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, taking the series in a science-fiction direction.

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