We’re only a short time away from the March 13 release of Team Ninja’s upcoming Nioh 2, which very much shares in the brutal reflexive combat of the original. But can we expect the sequel to be as long as its predecessor? During a recent interview, Nioh 2 producer Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed that Nioh 2 will be similar in length and amount of content.

“So the number of the main missions is about the same,” said Yasuda. “It’s lengthwise about the same as Nioh 1, but when we looked at how long it took for the players to complete Nioh 1, it depended on the player, how good they were, how they played it, etc. So it’s hard to say, but when I played the game this past January, it took me 55 hours.”

The first Nioh was a sizable game that definitely demanded a lot of skill and determination to overcome its various challenges at a steady pace–I personally recall taking about 60 hours during my first playthrough. But if you aimed to complete its extensive log of side-missions, bonus boss fights, and Twilight stages, that runtime could easily extend past 80 hours. If a standard run of Nioh 2 sits at around 55 hours, then we’re looking at a pretty similar experience, especially with side activities considered.

Nioh was a critical success when it first released in 2017. In GameSpot’s review, which gave it a 9/10, we praised its mixture of a feudal Japanese setting and tough-as-nails Dark Souls combat. “Nioh’s most invigorating and intimidating moments occur when you feel you’re at equal footing with your opponent. And it’s during these encounters that one careless move can result in your demise or the right string of thoughtful actions can make you feel invincible.”

Nioh 2 is set to release on March 13 for PS4, and sometime later in 2020 on PC. For more about Nioh 2, be sure to watch its latest story trailer. You can also read our news roundup feature detailing everything you need to know about the upcoming samurai-themed Soulsborne game. Though if you’re looking to secure a copy ahead of time, check out our pre-order guide.

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