Nintendo has announced its first video presentation of the new year: a Pokemon-focused Direct. The broadcast takes place tomorrow, January 9, and will cover “roughly 20 minutes of new Pokemon information,” according to the company, which suggests the stream will be packed with news and announcements.

If you’re eager to tune into the presentation, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about this week’s Pokemon Direct below, including what time it starts and what we can expect to see. We’ve also included a YouTube embed so you can watch the stream right here on GameSpot, and be sure to check back after the presentation for our full Pokemon Direct coverage.

Pokemon Direct Start Times (January 9)

  • 6:30 AM PT
  • 9:30 AM ET
  • 2:30 PM GMT
  • 1:30 AM AEDT (January 10)

Watch It Here

What We Can Expect

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been tight-lipped on what this week’s Direct will hold. Nintendo has only said the broadcast will cover “roughly 20 minutes of new Pokemon information,” while the official Pokemon Twitter account teased there will be “some exciting updates coming to the world of Pokemon this year,” although no specifics have been shared beyond that.

Considering the most recent Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, launched for Switch less than two months ago, it seems too early to expect the next installments in the series to be revealed during this week’s Direct. That said, there’s a good chance we’ll hear some kind of news on Sword and Shield. The games’ current Max Raid events end the same day the broadcast airs, so a new in-game event may be announced, or we can learn about some kind of post-launch updates planned for the titles.

We will also likely get our first look at Pokemon Home, a new Pokemon Bank-like cloud storage service in development for Switch and smartphones. Few details have been revealed about the service since it was first announced last June, but it is slated for an “early 2020” launch, which would make this week’s Direct a good place to formally unveil it.

We also know the Pokemon Sleep app is slated to launch sometime this year. All that has been revealed about it so far is that it will somehow “turn sleep into entertainment,” so it may also be featured during this week’s Direct. Beyond that, there’s a new Detective Pikachu game for Switch on the way, but we similarly know very little about it, so we may get our first glimpse at the game during the presentation.

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