Google recently released the Stadia in certain regions, the first streaming-only console to arrive on the market. It’s been a shaky launch, with many features missing from the system at launch, but reviews (including our own) suggest that there’s a lot of potential in the Stadia. With Microsoft also testing Project xCloud, game streaming technology is on the rise–and it sounds like the biggest company in the world is looking to get in on it too.

CNET is reporting that Amazon has their own plans for games streaming, which they will unveil next year. This was first reported on back in January 2019 as a rumor, with no official word since; however, CNET cites two insiders who say that Amazon’s plans will be revealed in 2020. No specific plans or details have been announced yet, and Amazon did not respond to CNET’s request for comment.

According to the report, Amazon has recruited people from other major game companies and has been staffing up for a “new initiative” that would involve streaming games. It is anticipated that Amazon’s ownership of Twitch will factor into their designs. Currently, Amazon Prime members can pick up free games as part of their subscription.

Amazon is likely entering the market, but not every streaming service giant will be. Netflix will not be getting into game streaming, despite having some plans for getting into game development.

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