Horizon: Zero Dawn was a critical and commercial success, so it’s been somewhat surprising that Sony has yet to announce a sequel. That remains the case, but now yet another piece of evidence has emerged that Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is in development.

A job listing at Guerrilla Games for a “Technical Vegetation Artist” (via GamesRadar) specifically mentions that the candidate would be working on creating “the stunning environments of Horizon.”

Given that Horizon is more than two years old now, it seems likely that this job ad is for a new Horizon game, potentially a sequel. The job ad states that Guerrilla has a total of four teams dedicated to making the environments of Horizon.

Guerrilla has numerous open positions on its website, but this is seemingly the only one that directly mentions Horizon. Other job ads mention that Guerrilla is working on a new open-world game, and that could be yet another reference to Horizon: Zero Dawn 2.

2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn was a big change for Guerrilla, as the studio previously made the first-person shooter franchise Killzone. Guerrilla reportedly has multiple internal development teams, and one of these is said to be working on a multiplayer game that some people believe could be a new Killzone.

Guerrilla hired Rainbow Six Siege’s director, Simon Larouche, to work on a new project at the studio. Larouche’s history, people believe this may be a multiplayer game.

Guerrilla, which is based in the Netherlands, recently announced plans to grow in size to 400 or more developers with the aiming of releasing new games every two or three years, according to wccftech.

The studio also created the Decima engine, which Hideo Kojima used for his new game, Death Stranding.

Janina Gavankar, who played Tatai in Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds expansion, said at an event earlier this year that a sequel to Horizon is on the way. “It’s incredible; wait ’til you see the sequel,” she said. “You’re gonna die–I know some secrets!”

Whatever projects Guerrilla (which is owned by Sony) is indeed working on, it seems likely they’ll be released on the upcoming PlayStation 5. That console launches in Holiday 2020.

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