Sony and Microsoft, via their respective blogs, announced November’s free games for their premium users.

PlayStation Plus


Nioh, a combo-filled action RPG from the makers of Ninja Gaiden, casts you as a samurai in mystical 17th century Japan. In our review we said, “Endless optimization and customization, engaging encounters, and unparalleled combat by yourself or with a friend make Nioh an excellent choice for your next dark action/RPG.” This arrives just in time for the Nioh 2 beta which runs from November 1 to 10. If the original piques your interest be sure to check out our Tokyo Game Show coverage on the upcoming sequel

Outlast 2

“An intense ride that makes you question your sanity,” this release is a scary treat for those craving more Halloween fun. Play as an investigative journalist uncovering nefarious cults in the Arizona desert.

Xbox Live Games With Gold

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Play as the beloved Victorian detective, Sherlock Holmes, as he uncovers the disturbing past of his adoptive daughter. 

Final Station

Part side-scrolling shooter, part train simulator, Final Station is a unique take on the popular zombie apocalypse where you transport survivors seeking safety.  

Joy Ride Turbo

This is “a solid arcade racing experience” for anyone looking for a kart racer on the Xbox.

Star Wars Jedi Star Fighter

Play as a Jedi pilot in this original Xbox classic as you explore the Karthakk System, decimate enemy ships, and unravel the Trade Federation’s evil machinations. 

[Source: XboxPlaystation Blog]

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