It looks like Steam is changing how user reviews work, and is now asking long-term players if their opinions have shifted over time.

It’s been a big year for Steam. In the face of increased competition from the Epic Games Store, Steam has started beta testing a visual overhaul for the service, and is looking to improve its curation services by recommending games that customers are less likely to already be familiar with.

Now it seems that Steam is trying to improve user reviews by recommending that players revisit their words once they’re deeper into games. Over on Steam’s Reddit page, user PunnyCasual has posted a screenshot of a Steam notification they received for Destiny 2. It reads: “You’ve played an additional 93 hours. Would you like to revise the review?”

This option will potentially encourage users to change reviews that were based on only the game’s initial hours, or which were critical of the launch state of a game that has since improved. Steam also recently added the option to filter user reviews by playtime, making easier to see the reactions from players who have spent a lot of time with the game you’re looking at.

Hopefully this will lead to an improved slate of user reviews on the service. Right now on Steam, several great horror games are discounted as part of the store’s Halloween sale. You can save on the Resident Evil 2 remake, Soma, Alan Wake, and more.

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