I’ve never been a big handbag lover.  Before I had kids, I tended to pick a practical bag, one which I could use whatever I was wearing, wherever I was going.  Then, when my kids were small, I spent years not using handbags at all, choosing instead to use a practical rucksack which had space for all the nappies, spare clothes, muslins, toys and snacks that are the typical contents of bags carried by parents of pre-schoolers. 

I was always bemused by my friends who would spend hours poring over the adverts in glossy magazines, oohing and aahing at the latest bags by well-known designers.  I was astounded to find that there is even a ‘National Handbag Day’ (it happens on 10th October each year.  Who knew?!) 

So when my husband came home a couple of years ago with a Loungefly Star Wars tote bag for me, I was grateful but not overwhelmingly excited.  Sure, it was practical, being roomy and having a zipped pocket inside (ideal for keeping my credit card wallet safe) as well as an open patch pocket, and I was fine about carrying around a bag with a picture of Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi duelling (actually, it got extra points for not being too girly).  But it was still just a bag – except that suddenly, people started saying ‘cool bag’ to me.  Everyone from my kids’ teachers and friends’ husbands to my daughter’s podiatrist.   

My practical, roomy bag with a zipped pocket was used pretty much every day for over a year when it started to show a little wear and tear.  I hinted gently to my husband that perhaps it was time to replace it, and I’d be happy if he wanted to get me another Star Wars bag.   

Lucky me, he got me two from Pop In A Box!

The first is a replacement for my old tote.  Still roomy and practical with a zipped pocket, instead of having a picture on one side, this one is double sided with R2-D2 on one side and BB-8 on the other.  Once again, it is made of faux leather but instead of a picture being printed on one sidemuch of the detail is created by separate pieces which are appliqued on, and it is lined with fabric printed with hearts containing the two droids.   The result is an altogether smarter and more luxurious bag. 

The second bag is an R2-D2 dome bag made of patent faux leather.  It is smaller than the tote but large enough for most occasions (perfect as a day-to-evening bag), and it still has the all-important zipped pocket.  Whilst the design is printed, the bag is embossed to give the design a 3D effect.  The handles are sewn on and reinforced with silver coloured rivets featuring the Rebel Alliance starbird logo, and the bag is lined with silver/grey fabric featuring Joe Johnston’s iconic Star Wars logo in its immediately recognisable font.  There is a good quality double zip, and studs on the bottom of the bag to protect it from dirt and scrapes.  

I think I finally understand why people get excited about handbags, and dare I say ‘these are the bags I have been looking for’. 

Thanks to the kind folks at Pop In a Box for supplying these. The Loungefly Star Wars R2-D2 Patent Dome Bag is £54.99, and the Loungefly Star Wars R2-D2 and BB-8 2 Sided Big Face Tote Bag is £49.99.

Order these and more Loungefly items from our friends at Pop In A Box.

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