The characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

are probably the most important factor of the game, and the tea parties you have with them certainly one of the most popular. Rather than argue like uncivilized co-workers, we held a tea party of our own to rank every character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses by dateability! Watch the video above to see exactly why we rated each character the way we did and which house won the honor of being most dateable, or click through the slide-show for a quick run down.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Most Dateable Characters

Want to see the full, uncut version of this video? It’s embedded below! You can also download the audio of the full, uncut version of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party Dateability Discussion here.

Look out for spoilers below the full video, as we reveal some interesting results.

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On average, the women in Fire Emblem: Three houses scored a 3.27 out of 5, or a B. That’s a whole 1.2 points more than the men, as was our suspicion when we first saw the character roster. Lorenz was rated the least dateable character of them all with a dismal .5 – an E! Who got best girl? Petra, the only character we all awarded an S to–making her dateability ranking a solid 5 – an S! The highest ranking man, Dimitri, wasn’t far behind with a 4.5-an A. The worst rated house was not a house at all, but the faculty! You’ll have to click through the slide show or watch the video to find out what everyone was awarded and why.

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