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This portion of the guide explains identifies all the collectible location in the Catacombs including all 12 Readables, 3 Cassette Tapes, 13 3D Glasses, and 4 UVK Covers.

Note: 4 of the 3D Glasses are not available until the end game. Their locations are at the bottom of this page.

Catacombs Collectible Locations[edit]

  • Readables (12)
  • Cassette Tapes (3)
  • 3D Glasses (13)
  • UVK Covers (4)

This portion of the walkthrough is ordered based on where you begin if you were to load the game/travel to the catacombs. It begins in front of the Metro Map.

Readable #11- Die Neue Wahrheit article no. 5[edit]

Turn your back to the Metro Map and walk towards the seating under the leaves and umbrella. There, you’ll find a readable on the table.

3D Glasses #16 – Female Resistance Fighter[edit]

To the right of that seating area there’s an exit leading upstairs. Do not take the exit. Instead walk up to it and look into the tiny crate on the right. Inside the crate are another pair of glasses.

3D Glasses #9 – Skiff[edit]

Turn around and walk towards the right of the boat.

On that boat is another pair of 3D Glasses.

Readable #12 – Dimitri’s Journal[edit]

Head for the area in the back of the room, to the left of all the plants. There’s a readable on the barrel to the left of Dimitri.

Head upstairs and take the first right.

UVK Covers – Pink Mist[edit]

Underneath the ammo sign on your left, you’ll spot another UVK cover.

Cassette- Golden Oldies: The Old Blood no.1[edit]

Continue forward towards Abby’s desk with the green monitors. Next to Abby, there’s a cassette tape near her coffee mug.

Readable #10 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no. 4[edit]

To the right of Abby’s desk (and the hole in the ground at leads to the bottom floor) is a table of terminals with 2 collectibles on them.

Readable #20 – Abby’s Notes[edit]

Directly next to the readable above, there’s another readable.

Readable #15 – Uncle Kareem’s Letter[edit]

Across from the 2 collectibles above are a few tv monitors running codes above a radio setup.

On the left, edge of that desk there’s a collectible.

UVK Cover – Der Franzosische Koch[edit]

Look for all the tech. The hardware is flickering red and there’s a tiny monitor with a glowing green screen.

There’s a UVK Cover inside the small gap in the shelf, under the wires.

3d Glasses – Grand Piano[edit]

To the right of the Floppy Terminal next to the shelf, you’ll see some blueprints.

Head for the shelf to the left of those blueprints. On top of it, you’ll see a pair of 3D Glasses.

Readable #16 – Shopping List[edit]

Turn around and head for Maria Laurent’s workbench.

From there, turn left and you’ll see 2 barrels. Walk up to it for the next Readable.

3D Glasses – Abby[edit]

Next to the barrels, you’ll see a guy named Pascal Oliver holding a gun. Behind him, in the back righthand corner, is another set of glasses.

Turn around and head right. Following the health signs to the infirmerie.

Readable #19 – Juju’s Speech Notes[edit]

Head into the infirmerie.

On the table, there’s a readable on the blood-splattered table.

Readable #14 – Juju’s Diary[edit]

Behind the woman in the infirmerie, in the direction of the eye exam chart and the first aid kit on the wall, is another collectible.

3D Glasses – Juju[edit]

Inside one of the first aid kits is another pair of 3D Glasses.

3D Glasses – Male Resistance Fighter[edit]

Exit the infirmeries and walk towards the bar.

Walk to the crosses/shrine area. On the edge are a pair of 3D Glasses.

Readable #18 – Anais’ Note[edit]

Located on the bar, to the left of the bartender.

UVK Cover – America: The New Order[edit]

To the left of the bar, there’s another UVK Tape.


Cassette Tape – Log: Elite Hans[edit]

To the right of the arcade cabinets.

3D Glasses – Cyber Pilot[edit]

Across from the bar, check the wall on the right. The next pair of 3D glasses is near the lantern and underneath the bread on the small table.

Readable #13 – Anais’ Journal[edit]

Exit the bar and head for the ammo area. In the ammo area, and approach the table with the chessboard. There, you’ll find another collectible.

3D Glasses – Elite Hans Arcade Machine[edit]

Near the weapons area sign, sitting on a shelf, you’ll find another pair of glasses.

Readable #17 – Maria’s Note[edit]

To the right of the glasses mentioned above is another readable.

Cassette Tape – Illegal Bootleg[edit]

Turn left and that path just leads you back downstairs. Instead, go left before heading downstairs and walk straight towards that glowing red room.

Once down the path, take the door on the left.

On the table, you’ll find another cassette

3D Glasses – Jacques[edit]

On the right, there are glasses on the makeshift bed.

UVK Cover – Kader Kumpels[edit]

Across from the makeshift bed, on the other side of the room, is the next collectible. It’s directly next to the TV.

Readable #9 – Die Neue Wahrheit article no. 3[edit]

Continue forward so that you’re in the next room and, on the left, there’s a readable on the small table by the first aid box.

The final 4 3D glasses are only available in the end game. Their locations are listed below.

3D Glasses #18 Anya Oliwa[edit]

Across from the hallways leading to the infirmerie, you’ll find a pair of 3D glasses sitting on a gurney.

3D Glasses #19 – William J. Blazkowicz[edit]

In the music listening room, under the disco ball, you’ll find another pair of 3D glasses.

3D Glasses #21 – Lothar Brandt[edit]

In the back corner of the room, by Anais and behind the chessboard area, is another pair of 3D glasses.

3D Glasses #20 – Grace Walker[edit]

Head for the dead-end in the catacombs, in front of the stop sign, is another pair of 3D Glasses.

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