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Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers you a very important choice in Chapter 1 – you must choose one of three houses to lead at the Garreg Mach Monastery. Your choice here will determine how the story progresses through Part One and into Part Two when war ravages the land of Fodlan.

Because you are locked into your path the moment you choose which house you’ll be teaching, it’s important to consider the various factors. This page contains non-spoiler information what you’ll get out of each path, from possible characters, perks, and romantic pairings.

Characters Overview – House Comparisons

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Each of the three houses includes a roster of eight students (including the young lord that acts as House Leader who will someday lead their respective nation). While many characters can be recruited to join your house over the course of Part One, some cannot be convinced to join.

The Black Eagles house consists of students of the Adrestian Empire, and their house leader is Edelgard von Hresvelg. They boast the highest amount of magically-inclined units in the game, and Hubert is the one of the only default mage characters that knows dark magic at the start. However, along with the least amount of Crests of any house, they suffer from a lack of dedicated physically defensive and mounted units. With the right training, Ferdinand can swap between a cavalry unit with being an armored knight, and Petra can easily learn to become a wyvern rider.

Of their personal abilities, Dorothea‘s Songstress ability should be noted as it can heal up to 4 adjacent units per turn, along with Lindhart’s Catnap that allows him to heal on his own by waiting.

Consider recruiting tougher units from other houses like Sylvain, Raphael, Leonie, or Ingrid to make up for the Black Eagles shortcomings.

Character Edelgard Hubert Bernadetta Caspar Dorothea Ferdinand Linhardt Petra
Recruitment Requirements Not Recuitable Not Recruitable Strength, Bow Strength, Brawl Charm, Authority Dexterity, Heavy Armor Magic, Reason Dexterity, Riding
Crest Minor Crest of Seiros None Minor Crest of Indech None None None Minor Crest of Cethleann None
Skill Strengths Sword, Axe, Authority, Heavy Armor Bows, Reason, Authority Lance, Bow Axe, Brawl Sword, Reason Sword, Lance, Axe, Riding Reason, Faith Sword, Bow, Flying, Axe
Budding Talents Reason Lance Riding None Faith Heavy Armor None None
Default Class Goals Armored Lord Dark Bishop / Warlock Sniper Warrior, Grappler Warlock Paladin Bishop Assassin / Wyvern Rider

The Blue Lions house consists of students from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and their house leader is Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd. As this nation values chivalry and honor, they have some of the best mounted units and physically tough characters of all the houses. However, they only have room for two magic users within their ranks, and a single natural bow user. Because of this they may struggle to deal with ranged threats, and the abundance of mounted units can leave your vulnerable to bows or horseslayers. With enough training, you can unlock the budding talents of Felix and Sylvain to increase their magic prowess.

Of their personal abilities, Dedue‘s Staunch Shield makes him the perfect defensive unit by gaining +4 Defense if waiting, and Ashe‘s Lockpick allows you to skip out on certifying anyone to become a Thief or buying keys.

Consider recruiting magically inclined units from other houses like Dorothea, Lysithea, or Linhardt to fill in the gaps.

Character Dimitri Dedue Annette Ashe Felix Ingrid Mercedes Sylvain
Recruitment Requirements Not Recuitable Not Recruitable Magic, Faith Charm, Lance Speed, Sword Dexterity, Flying Magic, Bow Charm, Reason (Unless Female)
Crest Minor Crest of Blaiddyd None Minor Crest of Dominic None Crest of Fraldarius Minor Crest of Daphnel Minor Crest of Lamine Minor Crest of Gautier
Skill Strengths Sword, Lance, Authority Lance, Axe, Brawl, Heavy Armor Axe, Magic, Authority Axe, Bow Sword, Bow, Brawl Sword, Lance, Riding, Flying Reason, Faith Lance, Axe, Riding
Budding Talents Riding None None Lance Reason None Bow Reason
Default Class Goals High Lord Fortress Knight Warlock Sniper Swordmaster Paladin / Pegasus Knight Bishop Paladin

The Golden Deer house consists of students from the Leicster Alliance, and their house leader is Claude von Reigan. As the house with the most commoners among them, they excel with bows and have some of the best long range characters of all the groups. Lysithea is something of an anomaly as she possesses not one but two different Crests. They are a more well-rounded cast of characters that are most evenly spread in their abilities to cover a wide range of roles, but don’t excel as a group in one category. Both Hilda and Raphael can adapt as Armored Knights, and Lorenz and Ignatz can excel as magic users if needed.

Of their personal abilities, both Hilda‘s Advocate and Leonie‘s Rivalry work exceptionally well when attacking alongside male units, as they’ll deal 3 extra damage and grant Leonie 2 extra damage while taking 2 less.

Depending on how you adapt your students, any focused students from other houses will make great recruits.

Character Claude Hilda Ignatz Leonie Lorenz Marianne Lysithea Raphael
Recruitment Requirements Not Recuitable Not Recruitable Dex, Authority Strength, Lance Charm, Reason Magic, Riding Magic, Faith Strength, Heavy Armor
Crest Minor Crest of Riegan Minor Crest of Goneril None None Minor Crest of Gloucester Mystery Crest Minor Crest of Charon, Crest of Gloucester None
Skill Strengths Sword, Bow, Authority, Riding, Flying Lance, Axe Sword, Bow, Authority Lance, Bow, Riding Lance, Reason, Riding Sword, Faith, Riding, Flying Reason, Faith, Authority Axe, Brawl, Heavy Armor
Budding Talents Axe Heavy Armor Reason None None Lance Sword None
Default Class Goals Wyvern Master Warrior Sniper Paladin Paladin Faith Warlock Grappler

Lord Comparisons – Hero’s Relics and Bonuses[edit]

Each of the Lords of the different houses each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and while they may start off fairly similar, they can easily grow into quite different characters.

Edelgard is unique among the other Lords for a very specific reason – She will quickly reveal that she has the power of two Crests – the Minor Crest of Seiros and the Crest of Flames – allowing her to both raise damage using Combat Arts, and also restore health when attacking and even stop counterattacks at times. As her default class goals go, she will become an Armored Lord by Act 2 that boasts a tough defense as well as a strong offense, though she can also be trained in the use of magic as well – which may require her to be reclassed as needed. By Act 2, her Personal Ability will change to Imperial Lineage+, which grants her +4 Res if she waits, allowing her to withstand magic attacks in her armored form.

Dimitri‘s Minor Crest of Blaiddyd allows him to sometimes double his attack and weapon uses during Combat Arts, which can make him an extremely damaging force if protected well. He will become a High Lord by Act 2, l, and can further his high strength and dexterity, but his lower defense and resistance means he’ll need protection. His Personal Ability will also grow to Royal Lineage+, granting him an extra +20 Avoid when at full HP. He can also make use of his budding talent to become a fast-moving Paladin to move at a quicker pace with the rest of the cavalry in the Blue Lions.

Claude‘s Minor Crest of Riegan can help heal him in battle when using combat arts, making him a great unit for hit and run attacks when combined with his bow proficiency. In Act 2, he will become a Wyvern Master to further his range and sniping skills, and will most likely gain more Dexterity and Speed as a result, but he might be the physically weakest of the Lords on his own. His personal ability will expand to Leicester Lineage+, and allow him to move through enemy units to attack behind enemy lines, further cementing his role to snipe risky targets and flee. Unlike the other Lords, his budding talent for Axes won’t directly clash with his default class upgrades.

Each of the Lords will also eventually obtain one of the sacred Hero’s Relics, much like Byleth‘s Sword of the Creator, and each are versatile in their own right. Though they all possess only 20 durability and are more expensive than other items to repair, they are peerless in battle, especially with their exclusive Combat Arts:

Hero’s Relic Wielded By Mt Hit Crit Exclusive Combat Art
Aymr (Axe) Edelgard 24 60 20 Raging Storm – Adds +14 Mt and +10 Hit, allows unit to move again if attack hits.
Areadbhar (Lance) Dimitri 19 75 10 Atrocity – Adds +15 Mit and +20 Hit, and is effective against all enemy types.
Failnaught (Bow) Claude 18 75 20 Fallen Star – Adds +10 Mt, +10 Crit, +30 Hit and grants avoidance of enemy attacks in the next combat.

Romance Comparisons and Exclusives[edit]

Of the Three Houses, Byleth is able to pursue an S-Rank romance support relationship with any character, but some characters can only be romanced in their own house as they cannot be recruited, and others may be easier if your character does not have to meet certain criteria to recruit from another house.

Characters in Bold are exclusive to the Black Eagles House and cannot be recruited. Characters in red support a bisexual female romance, and characters in blue support a bixsexual male romance.

Warning – the following section contains very brief info on where each of the paths will lead, as each house will have a different story in Part Two, and may contend with different enemies or have different objectives in the war. Details will be vague, but caution should be used.

The Black Eagles Path will see the Adrestian Empire declare war on the Church of Seiros, and by extension – any who stand in the way of Edelgard‘s goals. Because of this, any allies you recruit who are members of the Church or the Knights of Seiros will disband from your party. A main objective will include waging war on the Kingdom of Faerghus against Dimitri to reunify the land through force.

The Blue Lions Path will focus on stopping Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire from taking over the continent of Fodlan. Dimitri himself will have his own reason for wanting to defeat Edelgard, making it a primary objective of the war.

The Golden Deer path will be caught up in the war between the Adrestian Empire and its adversaries, but will instead focus on unveiling certain mysteries and fighting the ones who Slither in the Dark, a group that operates behind the scenes, pulling the strings to further an agenda against the Church of Seiros.

The Fourth Path[edit]

There is actually another somewhat hidden path that does not follow any of the Three Houses. This path can only be undertaken by joining the Black Eagles. However, near the end of Part One, you are given a warning of an important choice to aid Edelgard. If you refuse when asked, you will instead defend the Church of Seiros from the Adrestian Empire, and lose access to both Edelgard and Hubert in the process. During the war, your true objective will be to uncover the forces behind the scenes, those who Slither in Dark, and uncover their schemes against the Church of Seiros.

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