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The next wave of Nintendo amiibo are still available for preorder. Amazon is sold out of Snake and Link, but Walmart and Best Buy have all the upcoming amiibo available for preorder right now.

Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, Pokemon’s Ivysaur and Squirtle, and the Link’s Awakening Link are coming September 20, but you can fight your way through the trials and tribulations of online amiibo preorders now.

Where to Preorder the Next Wave of Amiibo

Solid Snake Amiibo Preorder


When preorders first went up, Solid Snake went fast. Amazon is completely sold out, but Walmart and Best Buy still have them available. If you get all the amiibo from Walmart, you can get them shipped for free, which is a nice bonus.

Link’s Awakening Amiibo Preorder + Dreamer Edition In-Stock


Similar to Solid Snake, the Link’s Awakening amiibo is also sold out at Amazon. But there’s no wonder: this is maybe my favorite amiibo from the next wave. It’s not a Smash series amiibo, obviously, and Nintendo still hasn’t clued us in on what functionality it will have with Link’s Awakening. But who cares! Look at that little fella.

Walmart still has the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Dreamer edition available for preorder for $69.99. For full details, check out our preorder guide for Link’s Awakening.

Squirtle Amiibo Preorder


One of the most adorable of the new amiibo, Squirtle preorders are available without any problems.

Ivysaur Amiibo Preorder


The Ivysaur Amiibo is one of the best ones in a long time, in my opinion. I’d go so far as to say this is maybe the best Pokemon amiibo yet. Just look at the detail.

Check out these high-res images of the next wave of amiibo, including Incineroar, Chrom, Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont and Dark Samus.

Incineroar, Chrom and Simon Belmont are scheduled for a November release. Richter and Dark Samus have a 2020 release window.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

The biggest and closest sales event of the summer is almost upon us. Prime Day 2019 begins July 15 and runs for 48 hours. Check out our full coverage of all the best Amazon Prime Day Deals:

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