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There are many weapons, accessories, and other pieces of equipment in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This page of the IGN Bloodstained Wiki Guide contains a complete list of each and every one, so you’ll always be the strongest Shardbinder you can be.

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Weapons and Armor come with offensive and defensive stats, but can also deal or protect against certain elements and damage types. Be sure to refer to the image below if you need clarification on the benefits (or drawbacks) of your current loadout.

Weapon Name Weapon Type Attack Power Damage Type Description Notes
Kung-Fu Boots Shoes 8 Shoes from the Far East that were designed not to encumber movement. Adds damage to Slide
Lethal Boots Shoes 14 An assassin’s boots. There are knives concealed inside.
Toy Shoes Shoes 17 Shoes that emit an adorable squeak with each step.
Dagger Daggers 8 A knife for self-defense.
Baselard Daggers 14 A standard, double-edged dagger.
Short Sword Swords 12 A short sword favored by soldiers.
Long Sword Swords 18 A long sword favored by soldiers.
Ulfberht Sword Swords 22 A longsword favored by Vikings.
Invisible Blade Swords 27 A blade that has been made invisible through sorcery.
Bloodbringer Swords 27 An enchanted sword with the potential to grow stronger. Cannot wield while using as Familiar
Morgenstern Clubs 20 A spiked mace that somewhat resembles a star.
Flying Edge Swords 18 A blade that has been magically endowed with flight capabilities. Flies forward, then curves as it returns to the user
Rhava Bural Swords 14 A sword that uses a wind spirit’s power to rip foes apart. Attacks have a wide arc and are much faster than other weapons
Claymore G Swords 17 A common, two-handed greatsword.
Spiral Sword G Swords 13 A large sword with a blade that rotates like a drill.
Carnot’s Rebuke G Swords 39 A greatsword whose internal steam engine adds incredible power to each swing.
Nodachi Katana 18 A long blade used by cavalry in the Far East.
Tsurumaru Katana 22 A blade with an elegant curve. The work of the swordsmith Kuninaga.
Honebami Katana 27 A Nipponese halberd refashioned into a sword by the swordsmith Toshiro.
Partisan Spears 22 A lance with a large, broad blade.
Shovel Spears 27 A shovel that functions as a weapon.
Sanjiegun Spears 29 A special three-section staff with extendible joints.
Whip Whips 13 A sturdy leather whip.
Thorn Whip Whips 20 A whip lined with thorn-like spikes.
Flame Whip Whips 27 A whip that leaves an arc of fire in its wake.
Musketoon Firearms 5 A short-barreled gun used by pirates. Requires ammunition
Blunderbuss Firearms 10 A gun with a wide muzzle akin to the mouth of a trumpet.
Culverin Firearms 20 A small ancestor of the musket used by cavalry.
Encrypted Orchid Swords 16 6F20636B6E70772067…

Ammunition Name Attack Damage Type Description
Infinite Rounds 5 Magical bullets that never deplete. However, they are quite weak.
SP Rounds 15 Soft-point rounds with no penetrative capability.
HP Rounds 40 Hollow-point rounds used in hunting and good for inflicting damage.
AP Rounds 50 Armor-piercing rounds with sharp points that penetrate targets.

Armor Name Stat Bonuses Resistances Description
Tunic A long shirt made of plain cloth.
Leather Chestguard A chestguard made of tanned leather.
Country Dress A common, plain dress.
Scale Armor Armor made by weaving together metal plates in a scale pattern.
Iron Breastplate An iron breastplate designed to not impede movement.
Brigandine Armor fortified by riveting a line of metal plates to the inside.
Apron An apron imbued with the soul of a departed chef.
Kung Fu Vest A traditional Eastern garment designed for ease of movement.
Tea Dress A light dress for tea parties.
Chainmail Armor that is made of many small metal rings linked together.
Hound Vest A vest crafted from the pelt of a ferocious beast.
Ex Shovel Armor Armor formerly worn by a certain valiant knight.

Transforms Miriam into Shovel Armor.

Crusader’s Armor Armor emblazoned with a cross.
Steel Breastplate A fortified steel breastplate.
Riding Habit A riding garment designed with elasticity in mind.
Assassin’s Vest Assassin’s garb that increases the speed of your attacks.

Hat Name Stat Bonuses Attributes Description
Aries’ Horns A hair accessory that resembles ram horns. Miriam’s favorite.
Hairband A simple hairband that keeps hair away from the wearer’s eyes.
Pirate Hat A hat worn by pirates.
Dullahammer Helm A dullahammer head that has been refashioned into human armor.
Santa Hat Just what you need to get into the Christmas spirit.
Beast Beret A cup fashioned from leather.
Cat Ears An adorable accessory that gives the wearer cat ears.
Cowboy Hat A hat worn by cowboys. Increases the power of firearms.
Feather Crown A hair accessory adorned with beautiful plumage.
Bunny Ears An accessory that adorns the wearer with the ears of a rabbit.

Accessory Names Stat Bonuses Attributes Description
Elf Ears Wearable ears that resemble those of a certain sylvan race.
Convex Glasses Eyeglasses to correct farsightedness. Everything looks bigger!
Eye of Horus A monocle that lets you look down on the world like a bird.
Sunglasses Eyeglasses designed to protect the eyes from strong sunlight.
Stone Mask
  • DEF +1
  • LCK +1
  • CON +1
  • MND +1
A stone mask once used by a tribal chief during ritual sacrifices.
Crow Mask A mask designed to resemble a crow.
Dance Mask A mask used at dances.
Hyperventilator A mask designed to push the wearer to his or her physical limit.
Voice Changer A mask devised by a playful inventor. It distorts the wearer’s voice.
Rusted Ring A rusted ring.
Ring A cheap, common ring.
Safe Ring A ring that sacrifices attack power to increase defense.
Unicorn Ring A ring that amplifies the restorative properties of items you use.
Flame Ring A ring blessed by a fire god. Strengthens fire abilities.
Ice Ring A ring blessed by an ice god. Strengthens ice abilities.
Thunder Ring A ring blessed by a thunder god. Strengthens thunder abilities.
Critical Ring A ring that increases the likelihood of critical hits.
Assassin’s Ring A ring that slightly increases damage and frequency of critical hits.
Traverser’s Ring A ring that increases attack power in proportion to how much of the map you have completed.
Rose Ring A ring that increases the amount of magic restored by mana roses.
Moon Belt A belt with a moon design that improves your backstep ability.
Plunderer’s Ring A ring that increases the rate of item drops.

Scarf Name Stat Bonuses Attributes Description
Scarf Miriam’s favorite scarf.
Tattered Scarf A scarf made of ragged cloth.
Bat Wings A scarf that resembles bat wings.
Gunman’s Scarf A scarf that makes you quick on the draw and increases firing rate.
Bunny Scarf A scarf with a rabbit motif that is certain to get you hopping.

More items coming soon!

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