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Like other Legend of Zelda Games, Cadence of Hyrule features Pieces of Heart that can increase the amount of Heart Containers you have for every 4 you find. You can have a total of 16 Hearts, from a combination of your starting health, Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart

Unlike other Zelda games, The locations where you’ll find Pieces of Heart can vary wildly. Certain set areas always have a Heart Piece in the same spot, while others are placed randomly in world in each of the biomes. Each time you start a new game, the layout of Hyrule is randomized, and you may even find a different amount of Pieces of Heart in one area than you did in your last adventure.

This page will show you what Heart Pieces to expect in the different biomes, including how to solve puzzles to get to ones you may find. There are also key areas of the game where you can always find a Heart Piece, which are also shown below by region.

Yes, it turns out there are some Hearts that can only be found when you die. One of the very first Heart Containers you can find will be found when you die, as the Fates sell an assortment of items in exchange for Diamonds – earned by clearing an entire area of enemies. The following should be available at some point in your run – so check back often:

  • Heart Container #1 – 2 Diamonds
  • Heart Container #2 – 5 Diamonds

Like every other Zelda game, defeating each of the four main Bosses will award you with one Heart Container each.

While there are several places you may find Pieces of Hearts in the randomized Grasslands regions, there are also set locations that are guaranteed to have these Heart Pieces in this area, listed below.

One Heart Piece can always be found at Link’s House, which will be the first place Link explores, but can also be found by Zelda, usually in the southern part of the map. The Piece of Heart is located on a high ledge above the house that cannot be accessed normally.

In order to reach it, cut down the bushes next to the signpost, and then go to the stone block at the bottom and push it up and to the left of the signpost until it rests under the highest ledge. Now you can jump up from the side to reach the Piece of Heart.

Another Heart Piece can be found in Kakariko Village, also located somewhere in the Grasslands region – usually in the center area to the side of Hyrule Castle.

Enter the Shooting Gallery Building and pay 20 Rupees to take part in the target practice. You’ll need to score at least 15 points to get awarded a Heart Piece, but know that if you score 20 or more points, you’ll get a different reward instead.

If you’re having trouble getting your shots lined up before the “beats” run out, remember that you can always turn on Fixed Beat Mode to line up shots at your leisure when they are 1 space away from getting in range of your arrow.

It’s not always guaranteed, but be sure to check out the Kakariko Shop to see what they’re selling – you may find a Piece of Heart for sale on some playthroughs!

Lake Hylia[edit]

You can always find one Heart Piece in the 4-tile area known as Lake Hylia, located in the Grasslands. Head up to the top right part of the lake to find a Piece of Heart sitting between two broken pillars – but note that it is guarded by a Daira, who can deal an impressive axe slam attack that hits two spaces in front of its swing.

While you may find are several Pieces of Hearts in the randomized Desert region, there are also set locations that are guaranteed to have these Heart Pieces in the area, listed below.

Gerudo Village[edit]

There are multiple Pieces of Heart that you can find in the Gerudo Village area, which is always located adjacent to the Gerudo Ruins, somewhere in the desert. It is comprised two combined tiles, and holds a Gerudo Shop, a Bombchu Bowling Alley, and young Ganondorf’s house.

The first Piece of Heart is pretty straightforward, it can be found next to the entrance to young Ganondorf’s house. Unfortunetly, a sleeping Gerudo named Barriara is blocking your way. To wake her up, look to the right for a musical note button to step on – which requires a stepping stool located up above the Bombchu Bowling Alley.

After you pull the block down and step on the button, take note of the three musical notes that are triggered, and match the sequence twice to awaken the Gerudo. This will allow you to reach the first Piece of Heart.

The second Heart Piece is inside young Ganondorf’s room – but it’s on a high ledge you can’t reach. In order to make this work, you’ll need at least one Bomb. Run around to the small hallway at the bottom of the room and towards the stepping block at the far end – only to find that it’s blocked by an arrow button that pushes you back.

You’ll need to get rid of it, so plant a bomb in front of it to destroy the button, and then watch out for the bomb block as you step onto the ledge. If you have more bombs, you can blow up the debris along the narrow ledge to get some more items – otherwise you can pull the stepping block down and to the right where you can use it to reach the Heart Piece.

The final Piece of Heart can be gotten in the Bombchu Bowling Alley. For 30 Rupees, you’ll have the chance to score as many points as possible by throwing out 15 Bombchus before your 50 “beats” run out. Unlike the Archery Range, you’ll need to account for the time it takes the Bombchus to crawl towards the targets – though their explosions can hit multiple targets at once. If you score at least 10 points, you’ll get a Piece of Heart as a reward!

It’s not always guaranteed, but be sure to check out the Gerudo Shop to see what they’re selling – you may find a Piece of Heart for sale on some playthroughs!

Gerudo Desert Ruins[edit]

The entrance to the Gerudo Ruins dungeon holds a Piece of Heart – if you know where to look. Since the area is comprised of four tiles combined, look in the bottom right corner of the map for lots of sandy blocks you can dig to reach a low ledge where a Piece of Heart is hiding.

While you can pull a stepping block from elsewhere in the area, there’s a much easier way to reach the Heart Piece – dig up the sand blocks just below a section fo the ledge and you’ll reveal stairs leading up to the ledge allowing you to reach your prize.

You’ll always find at least one Heart Piece in the Death Mountain section of the Cliffs region in the game, which mostly appears in one of the top corners as a 4-tile section.

You’ll need to get to the top left corner of the area, which will require the Down Thrust technique taught at the Windmill Hut – which is usually located near the Cliffs. Use it to bounce off the Slimes, and then move up and cross the first bridge.

You’ll have one more river to cross before you can reach the Heart Piece, and no enemies to bounce off of, so instead you’ll need to keep moving the stepping block you pushed away from the bridge to dump into the ravine, and use it to cross to the other side and reach the Piece of Heart.

Each of the four main dungeons in the game contain a static Piece of Heart that will always be located inside the dungeon, between its randomized rooms.

In addition, the first randomized room in each of the four main dungeons will always feature a singing Merchant selling a Piece of Heart for 75 Rupees. Even if you die or leave and the room randomizes upon your return, the merchant will still sell the Heart Piece until it has been claimed for that dungeon.

Frozen Grotto Dungeon[edit]

As you enter the Frozen Grotto Dungeon, you can dash across the icy platforms to the right side of the main room, where you’ll find two large ice blocks that are standing in the way of a stepping block leading to a low ledge with a Piece of Heart.

To reach it, you’re going to either need to aim at the ice blocks with a Bow and Fire Arrows, or slide to the blocks and place a bomb at them to get rid of the obstacles – allowing you to climb up.

Lost Swamp Dungeon[edit]

Entering the Lost Swamp Dungeon, you can spot a Heart Piece up in the top right corner, blocked by a crate that’s surrounded by four tree stumps. While you can burn the stumps closest to you, you won’t be able to reach the stumps on the other side – and bombs can’t break up the crate.

Instead you have two options. If you’ve already found the Power Glove at Gerudo Village, you can simply lift up the crate and toss it aside and burn the remaining stumps with your torch.

If not, proceed through the randomized dungeon rooms until you obtain the Boss Key. You’ll exit just above the boss door, to the left of the Heart Piece. Once you trigger the button, you can’t drop down due to the stump – but you can place a bomb on the ledge to blow the stump below, giving you room to push the crate out of the way.

Gerudo Ruins Dungeon[edit]

Unlike some of the other dungeons, you won’t find the Heart Piece in this dungeon’s main room. Instead, you’ll need to complete two random dungeon rooms until you defeat the miniboss and enter a new room.

Here you’ll find a room filled with lava surrounding the Piece of Heart, as well as three enemies. These enemies can be knock backed into the lava when struck, and will create new stone platforms to carry you across both to the Heart Piece, and to the Boss Key.

However, if you found the Goron Bomb Merchant somewhere in the Overworld (look for the Bomb Icon on the map), you can buy the Goron Locket and swim through lava as if it were normal water!

Temple of Storms Dungeon[edit]

The dungeon on Death Mountain is similar to that of the Gerudo Ruins – in that the Heart Piece is hiding in a room after beating the miniboss in the second randomized dungeon room.

In the room after beating the Darknut, you’ll find the Boss Key along with several trapdoor platforms, some of which lead to the Piece of Heart. There are a couple of ways to do this – and it’s all based on timing.

One way you get safely across is simply using the Hover Boots to cross whatever gap you wouldn’t make if you didn’t time things correctly – and you can also use the Pegasus Anklet to sprint forward the moment the trapdoors are up.

Finally, you’ll notice that the spaces to cross measure 3, while the trapdoors open and close every 4th beat. This means if you start you crossing on the beat that the trap doors close – or even the beat after they close – you’ll have just enough time to make it across before the floors open up again.

The following Pieces of Heart are all scattered all around Hyrule, and may appear in different locations, positions, and areas each time you play the game. If you’re having trouble locating them, be sure to open Purple Chests until you find the Treasure Charm to have the following Heart Pieces marked on your map.

Sand Ledge Heart Pieces[edit]

Some Heart Pieces may be found on top of a low ledge that can be dug up from below – as long as you have a shovel. These are usually the easiest ones to pick up as long as you have a Shovel, which are often found in caves and from merchants if you don’t have one.

Low Ledge Heart Pieces[edit]

Some Heart Pieces are found on top of a ledge that cannot be reached by normal means – so you will have to find a nearby stepping block and push it against the ledge to hop up and grab it, as no stairs are usually available.

Note that if the Heart Piece appears on a ledge adjacent to a platform with stairs, you can also use the Hookshot Item to nab the Heart Piece from a distance, as long as you are in range.

High Ledge Heart Pieces[edit]

Some Heart Pieces are found on the second tier of high platforms that will require the most workarounds to reach – but can be done in several ways depending on the layout and the tools available.

Most of these high ledges will only have a lower ledge with limited spacing – which means you’ll have to use two stepping blocks, and usually throw one of them up on the lower ledge using the Power Glove found at Gerudo Village.

However, since the lower ledges are usually very narrow – you will need to find a way to hop onto the second stepping stone from the lower ledge without pushing the stone away, as you cannot jump from stepping stone to stepping stone.

One way you can do this is with the Floating Boots. Toss the second stepping block onto the lower ledge in front of the lower stepping block, and then step off the lower block to the side, floating so you can still jump up to the lower platform. Now with your increased height, you can jump off the ledge again to stay in the air, jump once more to get in front of the second stepping block, and jump up to the high platform.

Another way you can do this if you have enough room before the first ledge is to create a block using the Cane of Somaria if you’ve found the item, and putting it against the low ledge. Then you can push one stepping block behind the magical block, and throw the other stepping block in front of the magical block to give yourself a buffer to be able to create one long staircase up to the top platform.

Finally, if you are able to find a platform somewhere else in the area that gets you near the Heart Piece, some instances can allow for use of the Hookshot to nab it from afar, without having to navigate the narrow ledges.

Beach Heart Pieces[edit]

Most times, the Beach area of Hyrule will feature anywhere from 1 to 2 Pieces of Heart in this region. They are always located on a small island along the beach, and are usually surrounded by shallow water. If not, you can go to Lake Hylia to get the Zora Flippers to let you swim to the Heart Pieces.

Merchants Selling Heart Pieces[edit]

It can be entirely random, but several Pieces of Heart can be found sold by various merchants all over Hyrule. It’s important to note that all of the Merchants shops in the Overworld, including the Kakariko Shop and Gerudo Shop, and the 6 Singing Merchants all have random wares that are locked in each time you start the game.

So far it appears that only the Singing Merchants (appearing on the map with a purple icon), the Kakariko Shop, and the Gerudo Shop, have a chance to sell one of the Heart Pieces you need.

Blue Chest Heart Pieces[edit]

Most Blue Chests are found near dungeons that contain powerful weapons – but there are also a few Blue Chests scattered around the overworld. These are timed chests that require you to defeat every enemy on the screen before the timer reaches 0 – timed by beats.

If you are having trouble, you can use Fixed Beat Mode to carefully plan out your attack, and you can always return to the area to try again as much as you want.

Cave Heart Pieces[edit]

There are sometimes a few Heart Pieces that actually appear inside caves, and some appear on top of sand blocks that can be dug out to lower the Heart Piece. It’s worth noting that these Heart Pieces still appear on the map using the Treasure Charm.

There are also some that can be much harder to locate. They usually take the place of a reward in a chest (usually a timed blue chest, or defeating a miniboss), or appear on a ledge you can dig out – but the location of the cave is always random.

Note that some will appear on your map if you have the Treasure Charm, but others in secret caves will not.

Most notably, there are several caves around each of the dungeons that can be overlooked – like the caves by the Temple of Storms (behind the waterfall at the top, and among the statues in the bottom right corner). There are also some secret caves in the Lost Woods that do not show up on your map icons – One is located in a weak wall during the maze, and another is under a bush (look for a blue butterfly when traversing the woods).

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