If you have been losing your mind about HBO’s Game of Thrones final season, in either good or bad ways, and you have been looking to pick up a disc-less Xbox One for some reason, then boy does Microsoft have a deal for you. As part of a promotion with HBO, Microsoft is giving away two Xbox One S All-Digital Editions, the ones which don’t have disc slots, with Targaryen crests on them.

Go ahead and get your long Xbox name jokes out now. I’ll wait.

To win, you need to retweet that tweet right there. Two winners will be picked from what will likely be hundreds of thousands of entries, so you might as well give it a shot and see if your lucky number pops up. I’m kind of baffled they are not just doing this with a regular Xbox One S rather than the all-digital version, especially since the chief virtue of that edition is its lower cost in exchange for giving something up and this is only available in a free sweepstakes, but whatever!

I myself have just recently started watching Game of Thrones in a vain attempt to be involved with the zeitgeist before it fades away and am nearing the end of the fifth season now. I don’t have any particular love for the Targaryen crest, but maybe that will change as I close in on the finale.

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