Skill Name # of Ranks Description Stats One With Nature 5 Gain Max Health and Elemental Damage Resistance to your Action Skill Element. Rank 1 – Max Health +5%, Elemental Damage Reduction +12% Personal Space 3 Shots deal Bonus Damage based on distance to target – dealing more damage when close. Rank 1 – up to 11% bonus damage Clarity 5 Constantly regenerate health, increasing regeneration the lower your health is. Bonus is doubled after using an Action Skill. Rank 1 – Health Regen up to +1% per second, Duration: 5 seconds Arms Deal 5 Deal increased Splash Damage, and take Reduced Splash Damage. Rank 1 – Splash Damage +3%, Splash Damage Reduction +3% Root to Rise 5 Gain increased Max Health Rank 1 – Max Health +5% Helping Hand(s) 5 After using Action Skill, Amara’s arms remain active and grant Damage Reduction. Rank 1 – Damage Reduction +4%, Duration 8 sec Blight Tiger (Action Skill Element) – Converts Amara’s Action Skill to Corrosive Damage. This does not take effect until after Amara uses her Action Skill. Fracture (Action Skill) – Amara summons a Handful of Fists that erupt from the ground, dealing damage in front of Amara. Damage 124, Cooldown 26 sec Mindfulness 3 When taking damage, gain a Stack of Mindfulness. For every Stack, gain improved Shield Regeneration Delay and Movement Speed. Stacks decay quickly. Rank 1 – Movement Speed +1.4%, Shield Regeneration Delay -2.5%, 25 Max Mindfulness Stacks, Duration 5 sec Find Your Center 1 Gain increased Melee Damage. After using Action Skill, gain increased Melee Range. Rank 1 – Melee Damage +22%, Melee Range +50%, Duration 8 sec Vigor 3 Killing an enemy with an Action Skill grants all allies increased Movement Speed, and can be stacked. Rank 1 – Team Movement Speed +2%, Duration 8 sec Revelation (Action Skill Augment) – Amara’s Action Skill now creates a Nova when it damages enemies, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Nova Damage 41, Action Skill Damage -15% Downfall (Action Skill) – Amara leaps into the air and shoots an Elemental Beam below her, followed by a Slam. Damage 141, Beam Damage 21 per sec, Cooldown 36 sec Samsara 3 When dealing damage to an enemy with Action Skills, adds a Stack of Samsara. Every stack gains increased Gun Damage and Health Regeneration. Stacks decay quickly. Rank 1 – Gun Damage +2% per enemy, Health Regen +1% of Max Health per stack, 25 Max Samsara Stacks, Duration 8 sec Do Unto Others 1 Upon taking damage, automatically throw an Energy Orb back at enemy, dealing Action Skill Elemental Damage. Rank 1 – Projectile Damage 17, Cooldown 8 sec Jab Cross 5 When dealing melee damage to an enemy, gain increased Action Skill Damage and increased Weapon Damage. Rank 1 – Weapon Damage +10%, Action Skill Damage +11%, Duration 20 sec Guardian Angel 1 Upon entering Fight For Your Life, gain immediate Second Wind that restores health, and creates an Action Skill Elemental Nova that knocks back enemies. Rank 1 – Max Health Restored 100% of Max Health, Cooldown 60 sec Glamour (Action Skill Augment) – Enemies damaged by Amara’s Action Skill become confused and attack their allies, but Action Skill Cooldown is increased. If enemies are target of Phasegrasp, nearby enemies become confused. Damage -60%, Confuse Duration 6 sec, Cooldown +20% Blitz 1 Press in on Right Stick for Melee Override, dashing a short distance forward to perform a special melee strike dealing Elemental Melee Damage. Cooldown instantly resets if enemy is killed by Blitz. Rank 1 – Cooldown 10 sec

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