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During a story mission in Days Gone called Price on Your Head, you’ll have the option to give Leon’s Drug Stash to either Copeland or Tucker’s Camp, bringing with it extra Trust. This page answers the question: Should you give Leon’s drug stash to Copland or Tucker’s camp?

Note: Don’t worry, retrieving the drug stash is part of a story mission, so you don’t have to go off and find it on your own.

It may be tempting to give the drug stash to Tucker, considering Tucker’s camp carries quality guns and Copeland’s doesn’t have guns at all. However, giving the stash to Tucker still doesn’t build enough trust for you to be able to purchase most of the guns anyway. Additionally, quality weapons can be purchased at camps that will appear later in the game. 

Instead, give the stash to Copeland’s camp. The bike upgrades you can purchase in Copeland’s camp are much more important early in the game.

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