Yesterday, Epic teased a new crossover event between Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame. We got another hint today featuring Thor’s Stormbreaker axe, indicating that we’ll likely be getting weapon and gear packs that are based on famous items from the MCU.

While that in and of itself sounds like a cool addition, it got us thinking about what else we might want to see in Fortnite’s next Avengers invasion.

The Infinity Snap

A hero-based squad mode where each player selects one MCU superhero and they either become that hero or gain that hero’s power(s) and abilities to use during the game. The first half of the match would be more of a scavenger hunt, as the Infinity Guantlet is hidden somewhere on the map – when equipped, the player who found it can snap to kill half of the players, greatly reducing the number of enemy combatants. But it’s got to be an even half, meaning two players from each team – including their own.

– Armando Torres, Syndication Editor

I’d also want a mode like that, maybe called “Snap Mode”, where players race to find a hidden Infinity Gauntlet in each match. Whoever finds it first can activate a Thanos-style snap, making half the players in the match disappear/exit for the entire duration of the game. Using it when there are only two players left would mean an automatic victory. Would this feel cheap? Yes. Would this feel fun? Also yes. Most importantly, this mode would only be temporary, so players would only be able to enjoy it for a limited time.

– Brian Altano, Producer/Host

A “capture the flag” twist on Infinity Stones, where they’re scattered around the map and are dropped for other players if you’re killed while holding them. Whoever can collect them all can “snap” the rest of the players and instantly win the game.

– Amanda Flagg, Editorial Designer

At the start of each match, 50% of the players will automatically be kicked due to The Snap™. So on top of the 20-30 players who disappear in the first five minutes anyway, each match will be down to roughly 25 players within the first two minutes. Maybe the Snap could happen halfway through the match, raising the stakes instead of just frustrating players.

– Jonathon Dornbush, News Editor

New Gear

It’s likely that this will be the meat of the actual crossover, given the two teaser images we’ve seen so far – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own ideas for heroic pickups.

Quantum Suits! It’s a simple tie-in and would be a great new cosmetic item, especially if we could hang onto them after the event ends.

– Kevin Lee, Hardware & Roundups Editor

The Time Stone or another time travel device. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing some sort of temporal shenanigans play a big part in Endgame, and that’d be a great trick to see implemented for a while in Fortnite. Let one player per match find a “Time Stone” or something, which effectively lets them un-dust themselves if and when they make that fatal mistake. Also, matches are three hours with no intermission.

– Jon Ryan, Sr. Features Editor

I’d like an in-game item called Tactical Dust of the Fallen: Need to get out of a tricky situation? Throw a handful of Bucky or Peter at the problem! The best defense is, to quote Dale Gribble, “POCKET SAND”.

– Daniel Ervin, Producer

Anything Else?

At the start of each match, one player’s avatar will be replaced at random by Hawkeye, placing them at a severe disadvantage for the duration of the game. If, however, there is a Snap mechanic, they’re spared as everyone else forgets about them.

– Jeremy Azevedo, Sr. Director of Programming

I want almost exactly the same mode as last year, with one addition: an Ant-Man suit power-up. If the Ant-Man player manages to get to a Thanos player undetected, he… well, you know the rest. Instant Victory Royale.

Joe Skrebels, Deputy Editor IGN UK

Come on, you knew it was coming. What about yourselves- what are you hoping to see in Thursday’s update? Let us know in the comments, and for much more on Avengers: Endgame check out all of our coverage so far.

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