Joker is the second of several new Post-launch DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Piranha Plant is available starting on April 17th, 2019 to those who who have purchased the Fighter’s Pass DLC, or he can be purchased individually – and includes both the fighter, and the stage, Mementos and all of its featured songs.
See Joker in action in the video below.

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Once you have obtained the DLC, you only need to awaken 10 fighters in the World of Light Adventure Mode (excluding Kirby). After this, all DLC characters – including Joker – will become available to play as.


Input Name Description
Neutral Special Gun Fire off a round with a tap, hold to fire several times. Can dodge while shooting.
Neutral Special (Arsene) Gun Special Fires off three powerful rounds at a much faster rate.
Side Special Eiha Fire a low projectile that can inflict damage over time.
Side Special (Aresene) Eigaon Fires a more powerful projectile that damages an opponent several times before launching them.
Up Special Grappling Hook Can be aimed at an angle to latch onto edges or bring opponents to him.
Up Special (Arsene) Wings of Rebellion Uses Arsene to grant huge wings to fly upward at a fast rate while negating all damage.
Down Special Rebel’s Guard Fills up your Rebellion Gauge when taking damage at an increased rate. Summons his Persona, Arsene, when the meter is full.
Down Special (Arsene) Tetrakarn and Makarakarn Using Arsene, Joker can counter melee attacks and reflect ranged attacks with the same move.
Final Smash All-Out Attack Summons the Phantom Thieves after dashing into one or more opponents – can dash twice if the first hit misses.

Joker is primarily close to mid-range fighter, utilizing his long dagger for quick close strikes and smash attacks, and his pistol for longer attacks much like Bayonetta, especially while in the air or moving. He also has a Grappling Hook that can be used to grab edges like fighters including Simon, though he can also aim it when on the ground to bring fighters to him.

His big secret lies in his ability to soak damage to build up his Rebellion Gauge – similar to Little Mac‘s KO meter. It will rise the more damage you take, but also using his down special to increase the rate it increases while mitigating damage. Once filled, the Rebellion Gauge can be used to summon his Persona, Arsene.

When Arsene is summoned, all of Joker’s attacks become bolstered as the Persona fights alongside him, much like the Ice Climbers. This includes new and bolstered Special Moves, including his down special that both counters and reflects, and an increased recovery special using giant wings instead of his shorter grappling hook. His recovery deals no damage, but also renders him immune to damage when with Arsene, allowing him to completely avoid edge-guarding attacks when trying to recover back.

Note that unlike the Ice Climbers, Arsene cannot be damaged at all when he is summoned alongside Joker, and opponents must wait until his Rebellion Gauge goes down before Arsene vanishes.

His Final Smash includes a beat ’em up featuring the Phantom Thieves as he dashes forward to connect with one or more opponents. Unlike other Final Smashes, the connecting strike can be used twice if his first strike misses, allowing him to dash back the way he came to hit anyone he missed before it triggers. The attack itself borrows its stylish cinematic look from the Persona 5 game, as does his win theme, which looks very different from everyone else’s win screen.

Joker Gameplay Tips[edit]

Dodge When Shooting[edit]

Hold the Neutral special-move button to continuously shoot Joker’s gun, then tap the stick to the left or right to dodge while shooting. This invincibility lasts for a shorter time than dodging normally.

Shoot Below You[edit]

Immediately after using Neutral Special (gun fire), jump up. Joker will shoot below him. Tilt the stick left or right to move slightly in the air while shooting.

Aerial Neutral Special[edit]

After shooting once in the air, tilt the stick up or down and press the button again to continue shooting.

Meteor Attack[edit]

While Arsene is summoned, Joker’s down air gains a meteor affect, allowing you to spike opponents.

Eiha/Eigaon (Side Special) Damage[edit]

Try to hit opponents indirectly with Joker’s side special. The damage over time the AOE explosion inflicts is greater than if you hit an opponent directly with the attack.

Rebellion Gauge in Team Battle[edit]

The Rebellion Gauge will fill when a team member takes damage or is KO’d.

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