Every day at Star Wars Celebration Chicago the team on Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge booth changed the merchandise to showcase the plethora of products available exclusively at Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Florida. The Skywalking Through Neverland team of Sarah and Richard Woloski visited the booth each morning to record these four videos of the wide variety of merchandise on display.

We made a beeline for the Galaxy’s Edge booth the very first hour we arrived on the Show Floor of Star Wars Celebration. What self-respecting Star Wars fan living near a Disney Park wouldn’t?? The Black Spires called to us, and as we stepped inside the booth we saw backdrops, ride vehicles and Dok-Ondar!!

Most exciting of all, we learned that each day of the convention this booth would debut new merchandise we will be able to purchase in Galaxy’s Edge. So each day, we made it a point to visit the Galaxy’s Edge booth and take video just for you.

Resistance vs. The First Order Merchandise

Toys, clothing, keychains and more. You will be able to choose your side and wear it! Are you Resistance? Do you side with the First Order? How about a Smuggler? Choose your path:

Marketplace Takeover – Plush & Star Wars Pets

Galaxy’s Edge Plush!!! Need I say more? When I saw the first images of these items, my brain went into overload. Once you see a Kowakian monkey lizard sitting on your shoulder, you really can’t live without it. I need this in my life.

Droid Depot Merchandise

Much like Build-A-Bear, you will be able to build your own droid, kit it out in different colors, stickers and accessories, and the whole thing comes in Build-a-Bear-like packaging. Which means that when you see others walking around with their Droid boxes, you will want one too. Or you can upgrade that biodegradable cardboard box, albeit cool, into a backpack in which your little droid can sit and interact with the land around him/her while you listen. It’s like you are the X-wing and your little astromech is the copilot! The backpack is specially made to have an open but secure back so that your droid’s head can pop out and interact with you. There’s more detail, but let’s let our Galaxy’s Edge hosts describe it for you:

Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – Holocrons and LIGHTSABERS

Lightsabers, kyber crystals, holocrons. These Jedi and Sith artefacts have reached epic proportions in our imagination. Will the Galaxy’s Edge merchandise live up to 40-year-old expectations? From what we saw, I would say yes! Imagineers and merchandise creators have worked hard to make these items as interactive and experiential as possible. Not only will they interact with you, but you will be able to take your holocron to different parts of Galaxy’s Edge and they will interact in different ways with the land. Basically, you’ll never want to leave. Learn more and actually see these lightsabers and holocrons in action:

Unfortunately there is no pricing available for any of these products yet, but with just over 6 weeks till the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland we expect to get further information soon. Thanks to Sarah and Richard for sharing their videos.

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