Say goodbye to Slag.

Thanks to various Twitter replies from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford (and one from managing producer of narrative Randy Varnell) 13 new details about Borderlands 3 have been revealed.

The majority of these details were collected by Reddit user BooleanBarman in a comprehensive thread. One of the biggest pieces of news is that the Slag effect won’t be carried over to Borderlands 3, and will instead be replaced by a similar nuclear radiation-like Elemental effect. “We replaced it with something that actually makes a little sense. The new ‘element’ damage type, which is like a nuclear radiation effect, has a similar effect to slag (increased vulnerability by those affected) and also has a damage-over-time component.”

In Borderlands 2, the Slag effect caused enemies to receive double damage from non-Slag weapons. Many fans criticized this implementation, as it was seen as necessary to beat late-game enemies in a timely manner, and forced players to switch between Slag and non-Slag weapons frequently.

Other details revealed by Pitchford include the confirmation of local co-op, actress Ashly Burch will return to play Tiny Tina, there will be one off-hand melee weapon, and while the map is “a lot bigger” than other Borderlands games overall, some locations will be smaller than past averages, with a variety of location sizes.

Here’s every Borderlands 3 detail revealed on Twitter:

  • The Slag effect will be replaced by a similar nuclear radiation-like ‘Element’ effect
  • Local co-op has been confirmed
  • Ashly Burch will return as Tiny Tina
  • There will only be one off-hand melee weapon (but a billion guns)
  • There will be locations with a variety of sizes, but the map will be bigger than past Borderlands games
  • It will have a larger endgame than even Borderlands 2 – Tweet
  • Borderlands 3 will be playable offline (via Randy Varnell)
  • Gearbox can’t promise cross-play just yet, as “not everyone is playing well with another” – Tweet
  • A companion app doesn’t appear to be planned for the game – Tweet
  • Weapons will have more color and skin variety compared to Borderlands 2 – Tweet
  • Like in The Pre-Sequel, Vault Hunters will have dialogue with the world and people around them – Tweet
  • The ECHOnet 3.0 is a physical device used with every vending machine transaction and every menu transaction – Tweet
  • Outside projects like the mobile Borderlands Legends won’t be developed to focus on the main game – Tweet
  • Bonus detail: To move forward with development, Gearbox confirmed it won’t be making the canceled Luxy’s Space Adventure DLC for The Pre-Sequel – Tweet

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Borderlands 3 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2019.

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