Out of nowhere, Nintendo announced all the key details for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s big Version 3.0 update today. In terms of new features, Ultimate is adding free stage- and video-editing tools for everyone to use.

A video from Nintendo showcases how each of these features will work. Building off the Stage builder from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Wii U, the new version features tools that players can use to create basically whatever they want. In handheld mode, players can use the touch screen to draw to make their creations. Some of the things you can do include create moving platforms and spinning traps, or anything else you can think up and design.

The Stage builder also features front and back layers for a further level of depth. The custom stages will live in a new Custom tab of the Stage Select screen. Players can also share them with the community. People are able to rate creations, so in theory the best ones should surface. The stages can also be viewed using the Nintendo Switch Online app, and players can even queue up a new stage download so when they get home it should start downloading.

As for the video editor, it does what you would expect. You can combine your saved video clips and adds subtitles and sound effects. As you’d expect, you can then share your creations in the Smash World page in the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Skip to around 11 minutes in the video above to check out the stage builder and video editor.

The Version 3.0 update for Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on April 17. In addition to the Stage builder and video editor, the update adds Joker from Persona 5 as a new paid DLC character, as well as a number of different Persona and Sonic Mii Fighter Costumes.

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