Go ahead and file this one in the “Alright, why not?” category, but No More Heroes-creator and Grasshopper Manufacture head Suda51 appeared on a Famitsu a livestream last night to talk about upcoming DLC for Travis Strikes Again, the Switch-exclusive No More Heroes semi-sequel. During the livestream, however, Suda also decided to announce some cosmetic collaborations, including Travis’ inclusion as a pawn in the Switch version of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

You can watch the full livestream of the event below. The announcement of Travis happens at 43:09.

Capcom made some unique assets for Travis, but they couldn’t get his traditional sunglasses. They did, however, get the Power Glove and beam katana in. For those unfamiliar with Dragon’s Dogma, pawns are essentially the game’s AI-controlled party members. When connected online, you can rent pawns for an in-game cost to join your party and also allow your created pawn to be rented-out. Travis is a little different in that he’s not being made by another player, but from Capcom, and does not seem like he will cost anything to bring into your world.

In addition, Suda also announced that some new shirts will be coming to Travis Strikes Again. Dragon’s Dogma is an obvious addition, but Nintendo is also getting adding more Zelda shirts, like two pieces of Wind Waker art. 

Dragon’s Dogma launches on Switch on April 23. Joe Juba recently argued that Dragon’s Dogma is what he wishes Souls games could be for him and that they’re worth a shot for people who try From Software’s titles but don’t click with them.

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