This page tells you how to unlock World Tier 5 in The Division 2 and all the things you’ll have access to once you have.

What is World Tier 5[edit]

World Tiers are end-game levels assigned once reaching level 30 and completing the three main strongholds. You’ll start this at World Tier 1.

From there you need to accumulate better gear and complete missions and strongholds to progress through World Tiers.

World Tier 5 is the most recently introduced level to The Division 2 and is accessible after the 1.05 patch has been downloaded.

How to Unlock World Tier 5 and The Tidal Basin Mission[edit]

As previously stated, you will need to already be in the endgame and have levelled to World Tier 4. By this point, you should also have a top-level Gear Score of 450.

As a World Tier 4 agent, you will then need to complete the Capitol Building and Roosevelt Island Strongholds one more time which will unlock a new side mission.

After you complete the new side mission, you will unlock the Tidal Basin Invaded Mission. Completing this will unlock World Tier 5 much the same way you unlocked the previous tiers.

What World Tier 5 Unlocks[edit]

So why unlock World Tier 5? Aside from basic progress, unlocking this newest World Tier will also give you access to some new content in the game.

World Tier 5 Gear[edit]

Getting to World Tier 5 will allow you to increase your Gear Score from the previous cap of 450 to 500.

Three new Gear Sets have also been added to the game called True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hardwired. Gear sets are pieces of Gear that give you more bonuses depending on how many you have equipt from that set.

True Patriot

Pieces Equipt Bonus
2 10% Increased armour damage
3 10% less damage from elites
4 10% Additional armour
5 Causes enemies to have one of three debuffs: deal less damage, heal allies, or lower your skill cooldown when hit. A single enemy can have all three debuffs.
6 Shotting enemy with all three debuffs damages other enemies in range.

Ongoing Directive

Pieces Equipt Bonus
2 20% Increased weapon handling
3 25% Additional burn damage
4 25% Additional bleed damage
5 Automatically pick up restock items within 40-meter radius every 30 seconds
6 Gain ammo for alternate weapons upon kill.

Hard Wired

Pieces Equipt Bonus
2 20% Skill health
3 20% Shock resistance
4 20% Skill power
5 All skills recieve shock ability every 10 seconds.
6 Reduced cooldown on skills after kill with skill.

So far, it appears that these sets only drop randomly so you’ll just have to complete as many missions as possible to unlock them.

Heroic Difficulty[edit]

The good news, when it comes to unlocking new gear, is that World Tier 5 is also bringing Heroic Difficulty settings to missions.

This new difficulty tier brings a lot more loot. You won’t necessarily be getting better or exclusive loot from completing missions on this setting but you should see more loot drop giving you a better chance of finding the good stuff.

Heroic will make missions significantly harder and won’t allow checkpoints to be used.

Weekly Invasions[edit]

Also included in the update are these new weekly invasions. This will cause previously safe and liberated areas to potentially become invaded again on a weekly basis.

Completing weekly invasions will give you a bonus reward for your first time that week. These may also be good ways to try to get more loot drops for a chance at the new special Gear Sets.

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