Last Friday evening, the LEGO House in Billund celebrated 20 years of LEGO Star Wars and I was asked to participate in what was a great fun evening.

Past Friday we welcomed 60 AFOLs from 14 different countries to the LEGO House Fan Evening around the 20 years anniversary of LEGO Star Wars.

I asked my colleague Kim Thomsen to be the host as he is a true LEGO Star Wars expert and we built a great program with a mix of interviews (James Burns from Jedi News, Morten Sonne who is a long time LEGO Star Wars Fan and MOC builder and of course Jens Kronvold and Kurt Kristiansen representing the LEGO Star Wars Design Team) as well as some building fun and a LEGO Star Wars themed prize draw.

We also had guest from the Danish Garrison of the 501st Legion who helped to “guard” the activity.

The evening went very fast and all networked, asked their questions and learned a lot as well as had a great time together.

Thank you very much to all participants and colleagues.

I hope to see you soon in LEGO House.

If you visit the LEGO House during 2019 you will be able to visit the History Collection which is marking the 20 years of LEGO Star Wars with the Designer’s Choice Exhibition and LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Collection….

Designer’s Choice Exhibition – Take a trip down the LEGO Star Wars memory lane and see which models that made it through the Designer’s Choice. 10 LEGO Star Wars Designers were asked to pick out their three favourite models from the past 20 years.

LEGO Star Wars minifigure collection – You will also get the opportunity to see a truly special LEGO Star Wars minifigure exhibition, containing each of the almost 1,100 minifigures from the Star Wars collection. Bonus info about this unique collection is that it’s a fan who has managed to gather all of them.

We will be sharing the audio from the evening and more in due course.

Please support Jedi News by purchasing your LEGO here for the UK, USA and Canada –happy building!

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