Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode Firestorm is arriving this month with the series’ biggest map ever.

Battlefield 5’s long-awaited battle royale mode Firestorm will be added as a free update on March 25.

Firestorm will be a 64-player battle royale with the option to play solo or in squads of four, and will take place on a new map called Halvoy. EA says it’s “Battlefield’s biggest map ever,” roughly 10 times the size of Battlefield 5’s already huge Hamada map, and will have “expansive terrain that ranges from snow-covered mountains to open waterfronts and everything in between.”

A new cinematic reveal trailer gives us a first glimpse at that map and some of the other features of Firestorm, which includes airstrikes, vehicles, and destructible environments. You can watch that trailer above:

The official Firestorm site also says there will be objectives to claim on Halvoy that can earn you even better loot, but doesn’t explain exactly what those will look like. But  it does say that there will be 17 different types of vehicles, from tanks to helicopters to tractors, and different rarities of loot.

EA also says “Firestorm will grow after launch, with new features and improvements.” The only specific plan listed for what those updates will include is the addition of a Duos mode in April.

Tom Marks is IGN’s Deputy Reviews Editor and pie maker, and he’s always wanted to drive a tractor through a wall of fire. You can follow him on Twitter.

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