Shamrock and Awe is an in-game event that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The event brings an all new mode and several free cosmetic items and emotes.

The event is live on PS4 from March 12 and will run until March 26. Those on other platforms can expect to see the Shamrock and Awe event from March 19.

Double XP Weekend and Free DLC Multiplayer Map Access[edit]

Starting at 10am Pacific Time on Friday March 15 through to 10am Pacific Time on Monday March 18, all those that own Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will have access to all four Multiplayer Maps that are currently part of the Black Ops Pass: Elevation, Madagascar, Casino, and Lockup.

Players will also receive 2XP in Multiplayer, 2XP in Zombies, 2X Merits in Blackout, as well as 2X Tier Progression.

Double XP Weekends don’t happen all that often, so be sure to take advantage of the bonus XP this weekend.

Shamrock & Awe Personalization Items[edit]

Along with Double XP, players will also receive a number of free St. Patrick’s Day themed items that can collected through the Black Market.

Free Shamrock and Awe Precious Gesture[edit]

Unlocked for free during the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock & Awe event, you’ll receive the “Precious” Gesture.

Free Shamrock and Awe Animated Calling Card[edit]

Be sure to claim your free Shamrock & Awe animated Calling Card through the Black Market this weekend!

Shamrock and Awe Luck of the Irish Bundle[edit]

If you’re looking for something a little more fancy and happen to have a spare 2000 CoD points, don’t forgot to check out the limited time Shamrock and Awe bundle that is currently on offer. The bundle comes with 10 crates + 3 extra, the Glorious Day Gesture, Shamrock Warpaint, and the Luck of the Irish Jump Pack.

For a closer look at the bundle, check out the images below.

The Shamrock & Awe update brings back a popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer mode that was a favorite among many players.

St. Patrick’s Stockpile Mode[edit]

Taking heavy inspiration from Black Ops 3’s Fracture mode, the St. Patrick’s Day update brings a nice little themed twist to the popular game mode.

In order to play Stockpile, player’s will need to collect the Shamrock tokens that are dropped upon killing enemy players. Once collected, deliver these tokens to the Pot of Gold that is marked on your screen to earn points for your team.

Contraband Gets All New Dynamic Weather[edit]

Contraband receives an all new Hurricane themed weather variant that brings heavy rain, wind, and lightning to the popular map.

From map changes to hidden Leprechauns, here is everything new to Blackout after the Shamrock and Awe update.

Seasonal Map Changes[edit]

The Blackout map receives yet another handful of Seasonal changes. These changes include all new springtime colors, lighting, upgraded dynamic grass, green-colored smoke, and other St. Patrick’s Day themed changes.

Mob of the Dead Easter Egg[edit]

Added as part of the Shamrock and Awe update, players will have the opportunity to find the plane from Mob of the Dead.

The somewhat hidden plane is now crashed in the middle of the ocean, just North West of the Construction Site.

Unfortunately, the plane is located just outside of the maps boundary, so getting a closer inspection isn’t exactly possible.

Pot-o-Gold Stashes[edit]

Hidden all throughout Blackout, players will find Pot-o-Gold stashes that are loaded with unique and rare weapons. These stashes can include anything from fully equipped weapons to bandages.

Pot-o-Gold stashes are large golden pots that are rather challenging to find, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled as they have the potential to completely turn your match around.

Homunculus Leprechaun Hoards[edit]

If you’re lucky enough to track down one of the little green Leprechaun’s that are hidden within Blackout, you will want to attack him and take his loot.

It is said that the Leprechauns LOVE tactical weapons with maxed-out attachments, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any potential hints that you may find that can lead you to their location.

Say Hello to Operator Mods[edit]

Take Blackout to the next level with an all new class of weapons that come fully equipped with Operator Mods. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get your hands on Firebreak’s Purifier.

You will find these fully equipped Legendary weapons — complete with Operator Mods — in the newly reworked Supply Stashes that can be found all throughout Blackout.

Green-Eyed Zombies[edit]

Following the Shamrock and Awe theme, those that enjoy Zombies will find that after completing round 17 on Classic Chaos story maps such as IX and Blood of the Dead, special green-eyed Zombies will begin to appear.

Shamrock and Awe Easter Egg[edit]

In classic Zombies fashion, the Shamrock and Awe update brings with it a rather unique Easter Egg. When killing the Green-Eyed Zombies mentioned above, you will notice a green orb will leave their body and travel to another one. Find this Zombie and repeat the previous step until you have killed approximately 8 Green-Eyed Zombies.

Upon killing the eighth Zombie, you will notice that the Mystery Box light that shines through the sky will turn into a rainbow. Head to Mystery Box and collect your Humunculus Leprechaun reward!

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