There are a few unlockable costumes, difficulty modes, and weapons in Devil May Cry 5. Here’s how to unlock everything, including unlimited Devil Trigger. 

General spoilers of what is unlocked when you beat the game is below. Certain terms are blocked by a spoiler tag.

DMC5 Unlockables List

Here’s how to unlock everything in Devil May Cry 5 at a glance.

Complete 25 Missions:[edit]

Beat on Son of Sparda Difficulty:[edit]

  • New move for Dante
  • Dante Must Die difficulty mode

Beat on Dante Must Die Difficulty:[edit]

  • Super Dante Costume
  • Super Nero Costume
  • Super V Costume
  • Heaven or Hell difficulty mode

The “Super” Costumes grant you unlimited Devil Trigger, but reduce your style score by 80%.

Beat on Heaven or Hell Difficulty:[edit]

  • Hell or Hell difficulty mode
  • EX Color Vergil Costume

Pre-Order Bonus Costumes[edit]

  • EX Nero Costume
  • EX Dante Costume
  • EX Nico Costume
  • EX Lady Costume
  • EX Trish Costume

How to Unlock Dante Must Die Difficulty Early[edit]

During the Prologue, you’ll see Urizen for the first time. It seems like you’re destined to lose, and though you kind of are, you can technically take Urizen down here.

If you do, you’ll essentially “beat” the game and unlock the Dante Must Die difficulty level early.

How to Unlock Double Kalina Ann[edit]

The Kalina Ann is a rocket launcher originally crafted for Lady. Dante instead wields the Kalina Ann 2 – however, you can find Lady’s Kalina Ann during Mission 11. 

Look out for the ruins early on in Mission 011, specifically for the checkered floor. You’ll have to break a Blood Clot just below some of the broken checkered floor. After doing this, jump further down below. Destroy both Blood Clot there.

Instead of jumping back up the way you came, climb up the makeshift stairs made of checker floor ruble next to the opening leading to above ground. Once inside this opening, make a right into an ornate looking doorway. In the back of this room on the floor is a Kalina Ann. 

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